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In general, I am very happy right now. I am in a relationship that I love, I'm doing well in a good school which I'm paying for with the job that I enjoy. The next step in my life is to get my own place again, or somehow figure out how to finance this change. Anyway, right now I am finishing up my first semester in my business major, so I am ending Personal Finance and Accounting, and next semester I am registered for Economics, Organizational Behavior, and Art History II (just to appease my creative side..)

It was warm today but I wouldn't mind another month of cold weather. This is the first year that I am not absolutely yearning for the warmth, and after all the ice storms and shoveling, I really couldn't tell you why. I think the heat makes me feel unproductive.

Anyway, this post is boring but there's not tons of interesting stuff going on. I'm going to London and Paris with Brett in the Fall, and Cape May in the Summer... and I'm just a teeensy bit excited.. :)
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dr dog- shadow people
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"and all these stars were our chandelier
and all these landscapes were our living rooms
and all the highways are veins
we are the blood, we are the rain"

-- David Dondero - The Stars Are My Chandelier

In other news, I got my new passport today!! It only took 5 days. What are people talking about 6 months... psh. :)

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