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It's not an LJ, it's a GERBIL....Beth SAID so...

Welcome to the PleasureDome

Bethanna's sexy man
1 November 1958
Anyone who knows me already knows all they need to. Those who don't, you're welcome to come aboard. I'm a 47 years young, verymuchinlove father of three, and grandfather of a new baby boy (Dec 2, 2005).

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*NO llamas were harmed in the making of this journal -- However, please ignore the lambchop scraps lying around*

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Friends' Birthdays

And of course, the ongoing tribute to our good friend

</b>alachicky: Joe is a witty old kat, with a heart of gold. He is kind, dear, friendly, funny, hoochie with a lot of love for people. He is a great friend and one you can stay up late at night goofing off with. He is a great friend and find!

</b></a>alasseatinuviel: Joe is a typical guy, yes, but he had a real tender heart at times and it shows through in times of need and beyond. He's rather fond of Llamas, no actually he's OBSSESSED with Llamas. He has been a true friend and i am glad to call him that. And he can make any woman feel damn sexy with just a few words. (((HUGZ)))

</a></b></a>butterflysnf: Joe is a wonderful caring friend, very sensitive man with strong opinions and values. Everybody loves Joe, even those who do not know him love him from afar.

</a></b></a>devilmiyu: You know that scene from The Godfather? The one where this person wakes up with a horse's head next to 'em? Yeah that's the one. It'd be like that only... I'd wake up to a llama. And that wouldn't be a good thing. Llamas spit y'know.

</a></b></a>hpnotiq_flame: laughter, smiles, hugs, insight into my own soul, love, compassion, orgasms, piercings, fun, And it's been one hell of a ride. Having you around for some of the toughest bouts of drama in my short life has helped me a lot, whether you realize it or not. ^.^ *hugs*

</a></b></a>iceprincess1010: hmmm...I see a lot of fluff here from all of these other people. Maybe I should straighten it out.
Joe...horny old man that loves good llama porn and half naked girls washing cars. Just like any man, he has a soft spot for his kids and a hard on for a cute 20 (or 21, or 19 or well anything under 25) year old girl. What more is there in life really besides cute girls, fun roadtrips, and living in Florida during Spring Break?
Just kidding, love ya Joe!

</a></b></a>inspectorjury:Joe is Just Joe. What you see is what you get. Amusing, a good and caring father and the winner of Pixie_Pistol's heart. Hell the man has it all!

</a></b></a>nightvixen: Joe's da man! LMFAO

</a></b></a>qc: you care :0)

</a></b></a>ravenskiss: Top 10 Reasons to love JOE!!!!
10. His never ending supply of wit!
9. TOP Supplier of porn and movies! He always has a NEW LINK OF SMUT!
8. He never fails to try and get you naked! It is like having your own personal cheering sextion! GREAT for the ego hehe
7. He keeps you on your toes, you never quite know if he is going after you or your spouse!
6. He teaches you newfound ways to LOVE LLAMA'S!!!!!!!!
5. He is the ultimate spokesperson for Sybian! He believes every woman should have one.... just that he should be at the controls!
4. He is self advertised as the worlds perfect tongue machine, and he doesn't need batteries. ALl he needs is a willing participant.
3. He is a Santa in disguise! In more ways than one........and ALWAYS willing to help out with the bad girls... Come sit on Santa's lap and tell him if you have been naughty or nice!
2. He is the ultimate picture whore...... and he will prove it to the world with BUDDAH or however the hell you spell it!
1. Just when you thought it was safe to look at his journal he surprised you with HIS ONE EYE...... Right Leah? What ya lookin' at Leah?
Finally --You are my girlfriend, doesn't that say it all? I love you to pieces. *kiss*

</a></b></a>sadirathemage: the only reason i still use lj is because of you :P:P:P:P:P

</a></b></a>soulview: You are YOU and no one else. (finally! heh :P) Plus, you are capable of caring for the people on your friends list no matter if you know them IRL. You are honest and thoughtful. *smiles*

</a></b></a>ca_blondi: Joe is incredibly sexy, adorable, REAL, honest, and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for that guy. Love the way he wiggles his eyebrows as if to say, "How YOU doin..." (ha!) Joe would be fun to hang out in person with, and I HOPE I can do just that this summer. :) Joe is an LJ friend that is always there when you need him, and a great listener. I just lub my Joe. xoxo
He's a very kinky guy...the kind you don't bring home to Motha! He's alright. He's alright, that guy's alright....with me. Yeah. ;P

</a></b></a>tigglebiddy: I think your title sums it up... and explains why Bob likes you so much too
I'll be a fucking sheep

</a></b></a>tsita: Knowing you is like watching really cheesy, bad porn. You can't help it, and you laugh anyway.

</a></b></a>voicesinherhead: Joe is sweet, silly, sexy and sarcastic. Always makes time for his friends when they need him. An outstanding father who has made extreme sacrafices for his children. Someone I know I can talk to about anything, at any time, and know it will stay between us. He yiffs with only the best furries yet always stays true to his llamas. And most of all, someone I am proud to call my friend.


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