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8 June 1989
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Sarah. 22 years old. German. Momentarily doing a training as a legal assistant. Writes in German. Most of the time, it's very random stuff. Has a bunny named Cassie. Has two cute little mousies named Luna & Momo. Is a little bit out of it sometimes. Really likes soccer, reading and going to concerts or festivals. Dreams of travelling to various places. Has a mind of her own.
TV Series : Skins. Doctor Who. Pushing Daisies. Fringe. Pretty Little Liars. Mad Men. Dexter. Misfits. Secret Diary of a Call Girl. How I Met Your Mother. The Big Bang Theory. Veronica Mars. Once Upon a Time. New Girl. Suburgatory. American Horror Story. The Lying Game. Cougar Town. Sherlock. Life Unexpected. Grey's Anatomy. Supernatural. Harper's Island. Malcolm in the Middle. Two and a Half Men. The Simpsons. Scrubs.
Ships : Rupert/Emma. Ron/Hermione. Cassie/Sid. Freddie/Effy. Rose/Doctor. William/Anna. Ned/Chuck. Abby/Jimmy. J.D./Elliot. Cate/Baze. Lux/Jones. Philipp/Timo. Lukas/David. Lumen/Dexter. Simon/Alisha. Spencer/Toby. Hanna/Lucas. Lily/Marshall.
Music : Tegan and Sara. Florence + the Machine. She & Him. Ellie Goulding. The Pierces. Marina & the Diamonds. Adele. I Blame Coco. Robyn. Lady Gaga. Laura Marling. Hurts. Mumford & Sons. The Kooks. Two Door Cinema Club. The Naked & Famous. Foo Fighters. Mono & Nikitaman. SDP.

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