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"And the Wall was clearly built to keep out the werewolves!"

Dear Brain,

I understand that the creative process of bunny-generation requires taking bits and pieces of various influences and playing with them, re-arranging things into a fascinating mosaic which produces an entirely new blah, blah, blah.

Nevertheless, I am compelled to inquire, what the HECK are you doing that apparently involves repeated infusions of Disney's "Mulan" movie, crazy Korean historical costume drama, an exceedingly scornful aristocratic antihero, a heroine and her equally heroine-ish sister, and vampires?

*mutter* Seriously, this is shaping up to be the craziest mess since that time I mentally started playing around with the TV version of "La Femme Nikita" and ended up with a runaway Sidhe princess, a tech-inclined kitsune, a centuries-old vampire with a mad crush on Madelaine, a draconic security system, and a pack of Irish werewolves...
kidding, Ryuuki


It is seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY vexing to keep planning ahead and blocking out potential writing time... and then have entire weekends devoured by... well, pretty much everything else, in particular work (duh) and the mind-numbing, soul-nibbling job search.

Whoever said looking for a job takes up as much time as an additional job was not kidding.

(hopefully... HOPEFULLY... work next year will be a job which allows for some more writing time. You know, while still being a useful job)
kidding, Ryuuki

Brain? What brain?

Currently, I am trying to deal with:

a) Actual work (ie, getting ready for next year)
b) Way overdue professional work (embarassingly late book review, ack)
c) Even more overdue writing (um... yeah, hiiiii....)

And my brain is having none of it, thank you very much. Just won't do it. This is especially annoying in the case of c, because, dang it, I've been looking forward to having time for fun writing, and now that I do, my brain is hiding in a corner and refusing to play nicely.

The question then becomes, is this the result of:

a) The mental exhaustion of having completed a significant project.
b) Well, several significant projects. Errr.
c) Lack of sleep.
d) Weird twitchiness about not being able to get my brain to work leading to my not being able to make myself go to bed at a reasonable hour, leading to c.
e) Cutting out caffeine and cutting way back on sugar.*
f) Stress due to any and all of the above.


*Previous caffeine consumption had reached fairly staggering levels-- and not even staggering levels of reasonably natural sources of caffeine like coffee or tea.
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Medieval Lady

It's ok; didn't need those braincells anyway...

Looking for help tracking down that time you spent on brain-sucking internet sites? Clearly you need somebody who fights crime!!

Also, if you are looking for yet another fabulous way to spend several hours possibly days some time, check out these sites:

The Regency Heroine Dress-Up Doll!

The Regency Hero Dress-Up Doll!

(very beautiful, totally inducing of envy, and ridiculously fun to play around with for character designs....)