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Feh. Just... feh.

I am so tired-- as in, I e-mailed in sick this morning, went back to bed, slept another six hours, got up, managed to go out and run some errands.... and proceeded to be completely exhausted and headachey once the errands were done, came back, took headache meds, drank some caffeine, managed about a half-hour of work, and then was STILL EXHAUSTED to the point where all I could do was fall over and try to snooze. *sigh*

This is not shaping up to look like it will be a productive weekend. Bleah.
Medieval Lady

When that August, with his thunderstorms sweet...

I would just like to note that the Middle Ages were big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big they were. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to the amount of time from the Fall of Rome to around about when Martin Luther headed off to college.

In short, cramming the entire thousand-year period (look, I realize that bits of that are commonly called the Renaissance, but just work with me here) into a span of, oh, about fifteen weeks, two meetings a week, is making my brain leak out of my ears. As a friend pointed out, it's because I officially know too much about the time period, and thus keep coming up with things that Absolutely Must Be Covered.

Not only that, I am deliberately putting in more stuff written by women and minorities (second is a lot trickier, frankly), which of course means that some "traditional" materials are getting left out, which causes a bit of "But you can't not read Chaucer!"-type anxiety on my part.

(on a related note: anybody have any suggestions for stuff they would want/would not want in a medieval history course?*)

*Marie de France is probably going to be in there anyway; sorry, Ravyn.
Medieval Lady

Kittens sit on desks and bat at mice

Today the new guy at work took my coffee mug to use. Not that he knew it was my coffee mug; apparently he just saw that there was a coffee mug available and took it. And, also, I have mostly just been using it to pour hot water into in order to make tea in my larger travel mug, which will not fit under the coffee machine.

Apparently he thought that the library just has a spare Christmas-calico bear mug around?*

Not a big deal, although it is the second odd mug-taking incident involving a mug of mine... and of course now I have to remember to pack an additional, clean mug that I can use tomorrow. I would pick the one with my name on it, but it's a nice mug which was a present from family friends, and I don't want to risk anything happening to it.

Also watched "Ratatouille," which had moments of absolute brilliance and cuteness and cleverness which made the occasional reliance on Ye Olde Hackneyed Narrative Structure Topoi really, really annoying. I amuse myself by imagining a grand switching-about of all the characters from all of the various "A person/rat/whatever is at the bottom rung of whatever society he/she/it is in, until their Extraordinary and Particular Talent is revealed/invented/inflicted by aliens. The fame and adulation goes to their heads, until they are Brought Low and reminded of the Truly Important Values in Life, which they of course have had all along" stories.**

Too much to do, too little time... and this is supposed to be vacation!


*In my defense, they were very cheap.

** So you'd end up with "A young teen chef discovers that his family heritage means he will turn into a werewolf three nights out of every month." "A young rat is given undue credit for killing a great white shark, and immediately finds himself the toast of the town and hooked up with major commercial deals."