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Greetings, everybody, from Honolulu, where I will be participating in a Japan-focused academic seminar for three weeks, and then doing independent research and beach time for a week.

Long day in the air, of course. With, of course, the difficult decision of "okay, how do I pick a movie that I am interested in, but don't really need an actual screen or particularly good video quality, and I may fall asleep in the middle of it..." Ended up watching a recent (I think? It's part of the "Bones is pregnant" season...) episode of "Bones," which was.... odd. I mean, it felt like they'd taken some of the character development backwards, in terms of "Bones does not understand your strange earthling emotions, or the ideas you are trying to communicate." Also, there was a new character who was "Ah ahm from thus South, and thus will always wear a baseball cap, even with my labcoat, and tahk in colorful idioms and generally come across as an uneducated hick, even though I am brilliant." Really disconcerting example of "southern stereotypes stuffed into a show by people who are not actually from the South."

Right; I suspect that this level of babble about silly things, I am very tired, and should thus go get some sleep.
kidding, Ryuuki

Feh. Just... feh.

I am so tired-- as in, I e-mailed in sick this morning, went back to bed, slept another six hours, got up, managed to go out and run some errands.... and proceeded to be completely exhausted and headachey once the errands were done, came back, took headache meds, drank some caffeine, managed about a half-hour of work, and then was STILL EXHAUSTED to the point where all I could do was fall over and try to snooze. *sigh*

This is not shaping up to look like it will be a productive weekend. Bleah.


Ok, the next time a cellphone starts ringing at THREE IN THE MORNING OHGOD, I am turning it off with a hammer.** Gaaaah.

Two nights. In a row. And it's not like I can adjust my work schedule around being woken up mid sleep-cycle.

*prepares to zombie through the second day in a row*

**Erm... as long as it's in the common-spaces, rather than in d_ragondaughter's room. 'Cause, you know, on the scale of "things which wreck your sleep," pretty sure that "roommate bursting through your door brandishing a hammer at 3:00 am" is even higher on the list than "WHO THE HELL IS CALLING AT THIS HOOOOOUUUUUUUUUR?!?!"
Medieval Lady

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For some reason, today I am tired. It's like.... post-surgery tired. Which, yes, I recognize that I have reasons for being utterly exhausted (various visitors, busy weekend, several days of family shopping... not to mention, you know, school and dissertation and work and... yeah. Reasonable tiredness).

Anyway, this has resulted in a day of doing pretty much nothing except flopping and talking to d_ragondaughter and watching various programs, mostly revolving around food and/or decorating. Which I am working hard not to feel guilty about. The fact that anytime I try to do something more active, I end up having to flop over again and do nothing is definitely helping to alleviate the guilt.

Rest, I think, is a good strategy.
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