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Procedural Dramafail.....

*sigh* Oh, procedural drama.... you seem to be composed of equal parts People Being Idiots and Dramatic Shouting.

The sad thing is that I was promised cool forensics! There are no cool forensics in sight!

Mostly, in the two-part pilot, we have had a lot of Oh Noes Our Forensics Are Broken (with extra-dramatically shouty "does not have interpersonal skillz female forensic pathologist lady Temperance Brennan *sigh*)
Medieval Lady

"Eine richtige Hopfenstange"

Random stages of mental static watching this particular comic romantic pairing:

Me: Right; the entire "we totally hate him!" speech exists, like, 95% so that the hero can answer the door and be incredibly good looking and knock the heroine's socks off... and 5% so that the idiot best friend can then bring it up again at the least convenient time.

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Medieval Lady


Greetings, everybody, from Honolulu, where I will be participating in a Japan-focused academic seminar for three weeks, and then doing independent research and beach time for a week.

Long day in the air, of course. With, of course, the difficult decision of "okay, how do I pick a movie that I am interested in, but don't really need an actual screen or particularly good video quality, and I may fall asleep in the middle of it..." Ended up watching a recent (I think? It's part of the "Bones is pregnant" season...) episode of "Bones," which was.... odd. I mean, it felt like they'd taken some of the character development backwards, in terms of "Bones does not understand your strange earthling emotions, or the ideas you are trying to communicate." Also, there was a new character who was "Ah ahm from thus South, and thus will always wear a baseball cap, even with my labcoat, and tahk in colorful idioms and generally come across as an uneducated hick, even though I am brilliant." Really disconcerting example of "southern stereotypes stuffed into a show by people who are not actually from the South."

Right; I suspect that this level of babble about silly things, I am very tired, and should thus go get some sleep.
greeting, worm

"Your second mistake was that you forgot who you have to kneel to"

Ok, guys? Seriously, if you are not watching "Grimm," you need to get yourselves over to Hulu or your source of choice and check it out. It is almost entirely fantastic*, with moments of sheer bloody awesome (sometimes the "bloody" is more literal than other times), including a scene last night that resulted in massive squee-noises, hyperventilating, and repeated viewings just because it was THAT COOL.

The premise is that Our Hero (a detective in the lovely and lushily-filmed city of Portland, wow) finds out that he is actually a "Grimm"-- that is, a person who has the ability to see various (often hostile) supernatural creatures in their true form-- which means that he has a responsibility to stop them if necessary (why, yes, some of the folks working on this show DID work on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"; why do you ask?). It does really fun things with "traditional" fairy-tale ideas and folklore, but isn't slavishly dependent on it. The world-building, so far, is doing nicely complicated things (or at least setting them up), with longer-running story arcs mixed with monster-of-the-week cases.

*The Girlfriend character is sometimes a bit annoying, mostly because she isn't getting very much character development-- OTOH, the show is focusing on cop work and detective cases, and she is a vet, so there hasn't been a lot of space for her to get directly involved. However, I reserve the right to be extremely annoyed if she keeps being such a cipher/standard "I don't even know you anymore since you started getting so annoyingly dedicated to your job! *flounce*" characters. I have hopes, however, that whatever direction she goes in, it will be more interesting than that. Also? Everybody else? EXCEEDINGLY COOL.
greeting, worm

The power of pretty hair compels you...

Right, so, very busy of... well, seminar things. Which involve reading. And lectures. And so on. It is all fantastically cool, and I can't wait to get a chance to actually use it. Meanwhile, there are some things that just ....must be shared...

"Although among the Three Kingdoms Koguryo was particularly known for its fierce warriors, Silla also developed an elite fighting group. The early Sillan military seems to have been based on young men from midteens to thirty years of age recruited from villages to do the fighting. While these village groups continues, later King Chinhung (reigned 540-576 CE) created a force of upper-class warriors called hwarang, who were young men recruited to train in riding, archery, and self-defense. The hwarang, or 'flowering youth,' were also expected to appreciate natural beauty and part of their training was climbing mountains and becoming aware of the terrain. ... The hwarang, which produced notable generals such as Kim Yusin, was one of the reasons Silla succeeded in unifying Korea."

Me: Wait... are you telling me that early medieval Korea was unified by a bishounen army???

(Local network broadcast of costume-drenched, melodrama-filled, bishie-heavy Korean historical soap drama you are NOT helping)
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"Oh, Andrei-- you've lost _another_ submarine?"

In my continuing quest to get work done at ridiculous hours fail at resisting shiny narratives watch "Criminal Minds" in syndication, I keep ending up watching the second part of any given pair of episodes. Yeah; syndication order is weird. Although sometimes, as in this case, the two episodes are connected, but not immediately following one another. Right. Anyway, was watching "No Way Out II: The Evolution of Frank," the episode that pretty much breaks Gideon and leads to his departure from the show. Really bad trauma and tragedy and a psychopathic killer who could have been one of those annoying repeat psychos (kind of like Jack in "Profiler," actually), if "Criminal Minds" were a different show. Since it isn't, it just stuck with the really bad trauma and tragedy striking directly at what makes Gideon do what he does and how he makes sense of his job.

And during the Dramatic Train Station Confrontation, all I could think was, "Hallo. My name is Jason Gideon. You killed my love interest. Prepare to die."


(Yeah.... I'm gonna end up in one of the special afterlives, aren't I....)
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Allez Cuisiner!!!

Ok, I have been looking forward to the "Iron Chef America: Super Chef Battle" for... well, pretty much since they started promoting it.

So far? AWESOME! Secret ingredient one? The White House vegetable garden (introduced by First Lady Michelle Obama). Secret ingredient two? A whole bunch of fantastic other American-grown ingredients (heritage turkeys, honey from the White House apiary-- the White House has an apiary? awesome!)

Mario Batali + Emeril Lagasse = terrific team; Bobby Flay + Executive White House Chef Comerford? Equally so.

In conclusion: Ten minutes in, and I can't stop making happy "squeee!" noises.
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