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And by "you," my icon of course means "me"....

Five things enter, one post leaves....

1) HOW IS IT SUNDAY ALREADY? I want my weekend back, darn it! I had plans!

2) You know how the rum is always gone? I want to know why the grading is never gone. Gaaaaaaaaah.....

2a) The worst part here is that I am grading exams on a wide range of material and I am paranoid that I am missing things which are either plausible-sounding but wrong or which sound odd but which are correct because I can't remember the texts they claim to be discussing correctly.
2b) This time, I get to grade the essay of the kid who always complains about his grade. Who, apparently, really screwed up on the other section of the exam (which I am not grading this time). Yaaaaay.

3) Last week, I was at a pet adoption fair with d_ragondaughter, and I talked with a woman who works with-- well, pretty much runs, I think-- a local animal rescue group, focusing on TNR. The city has a grant covering the spay/neuter surgery, but it runs out at the end of the year (which I had not known). So, I said I would get in touch with her, and did, and she is VERY OVERWHELMED OF CAT-TRAPPING, and the general running of a cat-rescue program and the fact that the grant is running out at the end of the year and there is one cat in particular she is trying to relocate but she can't manage to get out to where the cat is and there is also a colony she continues to try to trap behind this particular grocery store and *deep breath*. Anyway. So. I am going to, hopefully, go pick up a trap on Tuesday and set it out and hopefully the cat will get trapped and so on. But I am now feeling incredibly stressed about this and kind of guilty-in-advance with "WHAT IF THIS DOES NOT WORK OOOOOUUUUUT?" Because... I don't know; now that I have said I will help with what is clearly overwhelming for one person, it's like anything going wrong is letting everybody down, even if the going-wrong is that the cat does not want to get into the trap. Also, this is going to involve working with new people who I do not know. Yay. My brain, ladies and gentlefolk.

4) Dear students: OK, look, the course blog? That is for your benefit, to give you an easy grade boost.. but this only works if you read the texts and then fill out the blog posts. *sigh*

5) On top of this, spent part of the day (did I mention that I am easily distracted while trying to force myself to work on grading? See this post for a prime example...) trying to figure out the costs for gym memberships, since there is a gym where there's a reduced membership for working where I work, but there are also other options. And I ran into the truly fun (hah!) fact that gyms apparently won't tell you how much you would have to pay for membership, on the grounds that they want to be able to give you the high pressure guilt-related hard sell full tour so that you can see the fantastic benefits of membership and be pressured by super-fit salespeople who extol the virtues of the good health and fitness you clearly don't have. That is really uncool on so many levels and would involve having to go there and deal with new people I don't know who are way more together than me. Le sigh.

5a) Plus side: Finally (FINALLY!) got to head out for great bike ride with
d_ragondaughter and located the nearby greenway trail, and the weather was amazing, and then on the way back we spotted what is apparently a new fitness and dance place right around the block, which focuses on such fantastic things as hula-hoop and zumba and circus-type workouts. Which is highly, highly awesome (and they tell you how much things cost; it's fantastic).

Ok; break's over, back into the trenches I go...
kidding, Ryuuki

Five notes make a post...

1) Dear Student: If you're going to send around a gleeful e-mail stating that somebody has made a secret film of the upcoming exam and posted it on the Internet, you might want to double-check and make sure your professors are not on the recipient list.

2) Dear Other Student: Your passionate-- nay, strident-- declaration that you are giving 110% to this class and cannot get less than an acceptable grade would be much more convincing if you bothered to do things like spell "Belgium" properly.

3) Dear Fellow Faculty: You know, if you figure out that a student has pranked their classmates by sending them a link to humorous music videos and claiming that it's a link to a secret film of the upcoming exam, would it really be too much trouble to tell your colleagues who are teaching the class with you that that's what happened?

4) Dear Student-who-always-complains-about-their-grade-five-minutes-after-the-assigment-is-handed-back: First of all, knock it off. Second, the reason for your grade is that you were wrong, and explaining that you were trying to argue something that a) you did not in fact argue and b) is not in any way supported by the text is not going to help.

5) Dear Class: Guys, the class software lets me track who is and is not doing the readings. And one of these semesters, I'm going to remember to both put that in the syllabus and assign a point value to it. For now, wanna take bets on what's likely to be on the exam?

Sincerely, etc.
Medieval Lady

"Of course it's easy! Especially the step where you set everything on fire!"


Ah, the end of the semester. Not just the end of the semester--the end of the Spring semester. Good times. Everybody is going nuts, my inbox is full of Very Special Excuses and Panic*

Not, of course, that there are not legitimate excuses. Because of course there are. But, really, day after day after day of panic and illness and family emergencies and car-related emergencies and oversleeping and crazy stress and oops I've lost my computer and oh no my computer died and multiple deadlines.... yeah

This is not helped by the fact that they've started group presentations this week, and many of them seem to be doing amazingly half-baked work. *headdesk* I dunno-- end of the year? Groups not gelling? Not really caring? See, it's not that there haven't been excellent presentations. But.... I'm hoping that things pick up later in the week, because if they're all at the level most of them have been at so far, it's going to be wretched and boring for everybody. And a pain in the tail to grade (not least because, upon careful re-reading of the assignment, it's not that they're getting it completley wrong,, it's just that they're being ridiculously broad and giving no details and just providing a laundry list of "Our topic is X. X is very important. This is what X is. X originated in the following location." And frequently occasionally they are just egregiously wrong (witness: "Sugar is easy to process!") or skim over important details (like, for example, the development of plantations and the slave trade in relation to the sugar industry *headdesk*)

*Very Special Excuses and Panic are a known academic phenomenon. Seriously; "The Chronicle of Higher Education" has an entire forum dedicated to their mockery discussion.