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I would say I could never get the hang of Thursdays, but.....

This day, I cannot even tell you.

It was my first day back to work after a couple of days out due to one of the horrible creeping-crud-unidentified viruses going around. So, you know, a fair amount of "ack, halp, reschedule!" all over the place.

I was, however, VERY proud of myself, because I got up early and managed to get a nice smoky bean and beef chili into the slow cooker (chipotle peppers, mmmm....) before heading out to catch the bus.

.... of course, when I finally made it home, Intrepid Roommates informed me that I had neglected to plug in said slow cooker.

She had turned it up on high once she got home, but we were both a leeeeeeeettle bit uneasy....

Me: I'm .... just gonna call my mother. Hi, Mom? Is this the Virginia Cooking Hotline, food safety division? Uh-huh. Well, see... uh-huh. Uh-huh. Okay, then?
d_ragondaughter: What's the verdict.
Me: We've basically ended up with the Death Stew of Deadly Death in there.

Did I mention the part where the traffic was completely nightmarish due to an 18-wheeler running into a highway sign, thereby shutting down one of the main commuting highways for ALL of rush hour? Took her two hours to drive what normally takes 20 minutes; the bus ride was insane (not even counting the bit where I caught a bus that then proceeded to sit there for fifteen minutes due to...scheduling, I guess? I don't even know).

Considering that her day started out by falling down the stairs, I'm thinking this day overall is just fired. Possibly out of a canon.


Ok, the next time a cellphone starts ringing at THREE IN THE MORNING OHGOD, I am turning it off with a hammer.** Gaaaah.

Two nights. In a row. And it's not like I can adjust my work schedule around being woken up mid sleep-cycle.

*prepares to zombie through the second day in a row*

**Erm... as long as it's in the common-spaces, rather than in d_ragondaughter's room. 'Cause, you know, on the scale of "things which wreck your sleep," pretty sure that "roommate bursting through your door brandishing a hammer at 3:00 am" is even higher on the list than "WHO THE HELL IS CALLING AT THIS HOOOOOUUUUUUUUUR?!?!"
Medieval Lady

At least it's not pink?

After (tragically) killing our previous vacuum cleaner, d_ragondaughter and I debated about the best course of action.

Neither of us thought that paying to fix the old vacuum cleaner made sense-- it was originally a very expensive machine, but we got the floor model, on clearance, and pretty much agreed that even getting somebody to look at it would cost more than we originally paid.

Finally, this past weekend, we broke down and went forth in search of a new vacuum cleaner, armed with coupons and a strict budget. And, after being truly disconcerted by the Dysons (it's not just a vacuum cleaner! it's a Transformer!), we settled on one of the Eurekas, on the grounds that it was a) cheap, b) lightweight, and c) advertised as being especially good on pet hair.

The thing is... it's purple. Sparkly purple.

Sparkly. Purple. Vacuum cleaner.

Yes, this IS an appliance which was clearly designed by vampires aimed at the "single woman with cats" demographic, why do you ask?

(seriously, who comes up with these things?)
greeting, worm

Opinion: Expressed

Today, Intrepid Roommate's mother called.

Phone: *ringring!*
Intrepid Roommate: *answer* Oh. Hi, mom.

Grey Cat: *walks past conversation, throws up on carpet*

Me: *sotto voce* Good kitty.