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Medieval Lady

Procedural Dramafail.....

*sigh* Oh, procedural drama.... you seem to be composed of equal parts People Being Idiots and Dramatic Shouting.

The sad thing is that I was promised cool forensics! There are no cool forensics in sight!

Mostly, in the two-part pilot, we have had a lot of Oh Noes Our Forensics Are Broken (with extra-dramatically shouty "does not have interpersonal skillz female forensic pathologist lady Temperance Brennan *sigh*)
Medieval Lady

"Brain and brain! What is 'brain'?"

You know how, when you read a really, really amazing “up until three in the morning, can’t stop thinking about it book,” you make that “good book noise” happy sigh as you’re thinking about it and waiting until you can read it again?

There is some kind of rage-y counterpart to that where you are up until three in the morning grinding your teeth, and can’t stop thinking about the book for ENTIRELY the wrong, rage-y reasons.

And then you go complain about it on the Internet, because, you know, why not share the rage? :-)

The sad thing is that the rage-inducing work of literature in question isn’t even an entire book-- I am getting this Hulk-smash-set-things-on-fire level of arrrggh based solely on an excerpt of the prologue and maaaaybe the entire first chapter. That is the level of special we are talking about here.

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Fanfic lurking everywhere....

The really weird (and yet... not surprising?) thing is how often it's "Hey, this story could work as RK fanfic!"

Me: Um... it's a very silly '80s sci-fi/fantasy movie about a horrible Cthulu-like monster who lands his space fortress on a medieval-fantasy-with-magic sort of planet so that he can attempt to kidnap the heroine, who is supposedly destined to bear a son who will rule the galaxy...

Fanfic area of brain: Yes, and said heroine has proactively decided that the solution to the invasion is to arrange a marriage with the prince of the other major kingdom, and is very determined about the marriage going through. As is the prince. In spite of their respective parents being all cranky about it.

Me: Oookay... yes, that is definitely a plot which resounds across assorted other stories, some of which are quite possibly fanfic already.

Fanfic area of brain: Spunky and resourceful kidnapped heroine, brave hero, assorted companions, including a snarky bandit chief...

Me: You know, you are making good points, but at the moment, I am getting distracted by the WORST SECRET TUNNEL ESCAPE ATTEMPT EVER, and will thus have to table this mental discussion.
kidding, Ryuuki

I.... just... cannot even... what?

Okay, so, obviously, I adore "Rurouni Kenshin." And I adore (good) RK fanfic. And I adore RK doujinshi, kind of as a subset of that. And the prospect of more actual RK manga-work (HOKKAIDO ARC! ACTUAL RELATIONSHIP RESOLUTION THAT DOES NOT ENTAIL "AND THEN FIVE YEARS LATER THEY ARE MARRIED AND HAVE A KID *ahem*) is thrilling beyond words, at least in theory....

But, seriously, Watsuki-sensei, I think I speak for many people when I say, what the actual ever-loving WHAT??!?!

(I mean, it's not impossible that it gets drastically less insane after the first chapter, but I am not holding my breath, here...)

Medieval Lady

I think the main problem here is the venue...

There's something really weird about reading a story where you know that it's supposed to have this whole "is the narrator reliable or not, is she being brought up by a crazy father who believes in aliens and who keeps them on the run from said aliens because he is crazy, are there really aliens," etc. vibe, but because it's published in a science fiction-oriented magazine, you know pretty much from the word "go" that yes, there will be aliens.

I mean, the gears were somehow really visible in the story-- all the moments where you (the reader) is supposed to say, "Gosh, that sounds like the narrator's mother was murdered by her dad, and she doesn't realize it because she believes his whole 'alien abduction' craziness," or whatever are really obvious "OOOO, MAYBE IT'S NOT REALLY ALIENS!" moments.... because it was in a science fiction magazine, and obviously a science fiction magazine is not going to go the "no aliens here!" route.

And, indeed, yes, totally aliens.... and not even a twist on what the heroine had been thinking the whole time, which was somehow especially odd. "All my life I believed that there were evil, abducting aliens out there, evilly abducting people!"... and then there totally were.


I mean, couldn't the Mysterious Evil Abductory Forces have turned out to be, I don't know, vampires?
kidding, Ryuuki

I would say I could never get the hang of Thursdays, but.....

This day, I cannot even tell you.

It was my first day back to work after a couple of days out due to one of the horrible creeping-crud-unidentified viruses going around. So, you know, a fair amount of "ack, halp, reschedule!" all over the place.

I was, however, VERY proud of myself, because I got up early and managed to get a nice smoky bean and beef chili into the slow cooker (chipotle peppers, mmmm....) before heading out to catch the bus.

.... of course, when I finally made it home, Intrepid Roommates informed me that I had neglected to plug in said slow cooker.

She had turned it up on high once she got home, but we were both a leeeeeeeettle bit uneasy....

Me: I'm .... just gonna call my mother. Hi, Mom? Is this the Virginia Cooking Hotline, food safety division? Uh-huh. Well, see... uh-huh. Uh-huh. Okay, then?
d_ragondaughter: What's the verdict.
Me: We've basically ended up with the Death Stew of Deadly Death in there.

Did I mention the part where the traffic was completely nightmarish due to an 18-wheeler running into a highway sign, thereby shutting down one of the main commuting highways for ALL of rush hour? Took her two hours to drive what normally takes 20 minutes; the bus ride was insane (not even counting the bit where I caught a bus that then proceeded to sit there for fifteen minutes due to...scheduling, I guess? I don't even know).

Considering that her day started out by falling down the stairs, I'm thinking this day overall is just fired. Possibly out of a canon.
kidding, Ryuuki

Feh. Just... feh.

I am so tired-- as in, I e-mailed in sick this morning, went back to bed, slept another six hours, got up, managed to go out and run some errands.... and proceeded to be completely exhausted and headachey once the errands were done, came back, took headache meds, drank some caffeine, managed about a half-hour of work, and then was STILL EXHAUSTED to the point where all I could do was fall over and try to snooze. *sigh*

This is not shaping up to look like it will be a productive weekend. Bleah.
Medieval Lady

I.... just... wait... what?

So, due to Tor.com being all Bowie all the time this week, I was wandering around "Labyrinth" fanfiction (the better to avoid work with... what?), and I came across a story where Jareth is secretly really actually for real... Satan.


Wait. What?

I realize that this was supposed to be dark-and-angsty, and twisted obsession, and evil plots, and puppy-kicking, but.... I... just... No. It worked pretty well until I had to accept the idea that "Goblin King = Glittery Tight-pantsed Prince of Darkness," and then, it really, really, reeaaaalllly... didn't.

(in spite of a moment of possibly-intentional-PotC-inspired hilarity when Sarah complained that Jareth had promised her he was NOT in fact secretly Satan... "You cheated!" "...Satan!")
kidding, Ryuuki

And the world's smallest Viking Horde cheers wildly...

I have to say, I've been very excited by what Marvel has been doing with the assorted superhero movies leading up to the "Avengers" movie-- there have been assorted cameos, and references, and other Marvel characters showing up, etc.

Between Marvel and Kenneth Brannagh and a quite excellent cast, you'd think that it would be awesome, but, unfortunately, their version of "Thor" was kind of.... yeah, (Viking) epic fail.

Or would that be 'saga fail'?

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Medieval Lady


I... have just double-checked the exam schedule for the Fall semester, and every one of the three classes I have this semester is scheduled for the last day of exams.

Every. Single. One.

Wednesday morning? Written exam, with additional take-home component due at the same time. Wednesday afternoon? Written exam. Wednesday evening? That is when the final paper for the third class is scheduled to be due, since that is when the official exam space for that class is.

Why, you ask, is this important?

Weeelllll... the final grades for the semester are due that Friday. At noon.

Every. Single. One.