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Fanfic lurking everywhere....

The really weird (and yet... not surprising?) thing is how often it's "Hey, this story could work as RK fanfic!"

Me: Um... it's a very silly '80s sci-fi/fantasy movie about a horrible Cthulu-like monster who lands his space fortress on a medieval-fantasy-with-magic sort of planet so that he can attempt to kidnap the heroine, who is supposedly destined to bear a son who will rule the galaxy...

Fanfic area of brain: Yes, and said heroine has proactively decided that the solution to the invasion is to arrange a marriage with the prince of the other major kingdom, and is very determined about the marriage going through. As is the prince. In spite of their respective parents being all cranky about it.

Me: Oookay... yes, that is definitely a plot which resounds across assorted other stories, some of which are quite possibly fanfic already.

Fanfic area of brain: Spunky and resourceful kidnapped heroine, brave hero, assorted companions, including a snarky bandit chief...

Me: You know, you are making good points, but at the moment, I am getting distracted by the WORST SECRET TUNNEL ESCAPE ATTEMPT EVER, and will thus have to table this mental discussion.
kidding, Ryuuki

I.... just... cannot even... what?

Okay, so, obviously, I adore "Rurouni Kenshin." And I adore (good) RK fanfic. And I adore RK doujinshi, kind of as a subset of that. And the prospect of more actual RK manga-work (HOKKAIDO ARC! ACTUAL RELATIONSHIP RESOLUTION THAT DOES NOT ENTAIL "AND THEN FIVE YEARS LATER THEY ARE MARRIED AND HAVE A KID *ahem*) is thrilling beyond words, at least in theory....

But, seriously, Watsuki-sensei, I think I speak for many people when I say, what the actual ever-loving WHAT??!?!

(I mean, it's not impossible that it gets drastically less insane after the first chapter, but I am not holding my breath, here...)

Medieval Lady

Because of course I have all the time and monies for things like this...

Hey, Circle-of-Doom folks-- a review of an interesting-looking novella, which has an interesting take on the "magical shifter insta-bond-you-are-totally-my-destined-mate" trope.


Hero: My animal side says you are my mate!
Heroine: That's nice.
Hero:... but... you... I...we...
Heroine: Don't really know each other yet? Yes, I completely agree.
Hero: But... mate-bond!
Heroine: That's according to _your_ animal side. _My_ animal side, however, does not really do that insta-bond thing.

I have to say, first, of course, that I am now imagining the cracktastic directions this could go in in, say, RK fanfic, and second, that I really like the idea of a heroine who does not just say, "Oh, well, if your animal side says we are mates, clearly we need to go get naked."

(oh, who am I kidding, my reaction is like 95% cracktastic directions that could go in....)
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And considering the distance, this does me no good at all...

It's fantastic and squee-worthy to hear that the Rurouni Kenshin movie is awesome..... but it would be even better if there was confirmed information on a US release.

OTOH, said US release is never going to be anywhere close enough to actually go see it on the big screen, so I guess I shall just have to obsessively stalk the DVD.
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It's all in the reflexes

Hmm... I think that I may have figured out the reason for having Random Blond (additional?) Gein as one of the opponents in what I'm fairly sure is Kanryuu's mansion. If the RK movie is going from "You are carrying a sword! Clearly you must be Battousai!" "Sessha wa... okay, yes, fine" to Sano to Jineh to Megumi to Gatling guns to Saitou... yeah, you don't really have time to include "And now we will spend twenty very talky minutes on each Oniwabanshu member, with extra time for Aoshi to explain that he has mad kodachi skills."

On the other hand, you do need fight scenes leading up to the Gatling gun, and you need somebody to be able to kidnap Megumi. Ergo, Gein. And apparently Camo Guy from the Jinchuu Arc as well.

(on a not-unrelated note, I shall be VERY CRANKY if they go the route the manga went and have Kenshin and Sano take Yahiko with them to rescue Megumi, while Kaoru stays behind to heat up the furo and make a complete muck of dinner. Seriouly; the kid has had maybe a month, tops, of kendo instruction at that point; it's the worst example in the entire manga of Watsuki-sensei utterly screwing up the characterization in order to have his author-expy character get to go do cool stuff. The anime fixed it, so hopefully the movie will go with the version that actually makes sense. /soapbox)
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Still more Kenshin awesomeness!

(courtesy of lonegamer78, who finds the most excellent things...)
The new expanded trailer for Rurouni Kenshin!!

(also, apparently the blond is not in fact Enishi; she says that according to the Japanese Warner Bros site, it is in fact Gein. I... have no idea why or how or why, unless he is trying out that Enishi puppet that the boss never lets him use...)
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Beware the Calm Ones!

Dear Amazon Japan:

When you offered the "would you like to read this in English" option, I was kind of hoping you would tell me WHAT THIS IS, rather than just helpfully informing me that I cannot get it yet...

(and many thanks to lonegamer78 for yet moar awesome RK stuff...)

ETA: Courtesy also of lonegamer78: Covers One through Ten of the aforementioned shiny thing, which is, in fact, a Japanese re-release of the Rurouni Kenshin manga, with very pretty covers that fit together as a sort of single long scroll through the series. For which they apparently have put a bright red cross-scar straight through the "Ken" kanji in Kenshin's name, because of course they have. PS--Aoshi, way to look smug that they picked the haircut which is NOT STUPID for your cover; Hiko, there is a fine line between "cocky" and "psychotic" and you are tap-dancing riiiiight along the edge, there; Saito... yeah, looking annoyed-yet-cool with gloves and cigarette is pretty much the most representative look.

Also, does anybody else think that is a surprisingly un-Kaoru-like Kaoru in some ways? Adorable, but... not quite the Tanuki kendo instructor with a temper.
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Yeah, I don't know who anybody else would parallel to

Something that occurred to me today, watching the RK live action trailer (squeee!!) after having seen "The Avengers" and having read a lot about how Mark Ruffalo is surprisingly perfect, redefines that character, etc.:

He's basically playing Bruce Banner in a very Kenshin-ish way. I mean, you can't really say "Bruce Banner:Hulk::Kenshin Himura:Battousai," eye-color-change or not, but, seriously, the way Ruffalo plays the role, you can practically hear the "sessha."
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Please can this play somewhere within driving distance; I've been ever so good...

Courtesy of lonegamer78, some behind-the-scenes bits from the upcoming RK movie!!

I can only make out about one word in ten, but it's still very exciting and squee-worthy (I am fairly certain she is NOT saying, "Kenshin, if you take one step outside those gates, I will beat you senseless with this parasol," but I can imagine it).

Also: okay, is it just that all of the blood (from, you know, victims or mysteriously-bleeding scars) is going to be CGI'ed in afterwards, or were the effects just not in this take? Because it is a bit odd to see Kenshin clearly reacting to his scar bleeding, but there's not any blood. And possibly not any scar; it's a bit hard to tell.
greeting, worm


See, I never find these myself; I get the links from other people, and then, once I have recovered from the "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" (and, in this case, hysterical laughter at the very final line... um... slogan?), I post them.

Thanks to lonegamer78, now updated, with subtitles (WOOOT!... look I'm still in Japanese 102; we've barely learned that adjectives have conjugations...)

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