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Still more Kenshin awesomeness!

(courtesy of lonegamer78, who finds the most excellent things...)
The new expanded trailer for Rurouni Kenshin!!

(also, apparently the blond is not in fact Enishi; she says that according to the Japanese Warner Bros site, it is in fact Gein. I... have no idea why or how or why, unless he is trying out that Enishi puppet that the boss never lets him use...)
Medieval Lady

Beware the Calm Ones!

Dear Amazon Japan:

When you offered the "would you like to read this in English" option, I was kind of hoping you would tell me WHAT THIS IS, rather than just helpfully informing me that I cannot get it yet...

(and many thanks to lonegamer78 for yet moar awesome RK stuff...)

ETA: Courtesy also of lonegamer78: Covers One through Ten of the aforementioned shiny thing, which is, in fact, a Japanese re-release of the Rurouni Kenshin manga, with very pretty covers that fit together as a sort of single long scroll through the series. For which they apparently have put a bright red cross-scar straight through the "Ken" kanji in Kenshin's name, because of course they have. PS--Aoshi, way to look smug that they picked the haircut which is NOT STUPID for your cover; Hiko, there is a fine line between "cocky" and "psychotic" and you are tap-dancing riiiiight along the edge, there; Saito... yeah, looking annoyed-yet-cool with gloves and cigarette is pretty much the most representative look.

Also, does anybody else think that is a surprisingly un-Kaoru-like Kaoru in some ways? Adorable, but... not quite the Tanuki kendo instructor with a temper.
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Eurovision 2012

Really quite awesome.... I would have put a video version up if I could have found it (there is a version of just the song, with a black screen, or a version with the lyrics in a very silly font, so, figured the live performance was better...)