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Intrepid Girl Reporter Fail

So, recently, I watched "North and South" (the BBC one, not the one I remembered having seen verrrry silly and melodramatic bits from lo those many years ago, which, I must confess, had me horribly confused when people were saying effusive things about "North and South" before I figured out they meant the OTHER one... anyway....), because of reasons, and then was poking about to see what else Richard Armitage was in (REASONS... um... actually, I did have an actual reason for that search, but darned if I can recollect what it was... anyway....), and IMDB cheerfully informed me that he was in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Me: Wait, what? Where... what?
IMDB: He played Heinz Kruger.
Me: Wait, what? Who... wait... random Hydra guy in the suit with the Dramatic Dying Declaration? Really? You mean that character had a name? Richard Armitage played that role? I honestly totally missed that....

And then I had several minutes of sounding like Charlotte from Sense and Sensibility, with "I don't believe it!" (but without threats to plant very tall trees).

Me: Hey, you'll never believe this, but Richard Freaking Armitage was in Captain America: The First Avenger!
Intrepid Roommate: Yeah, he played Heinz Kruger.

In my defense, I note that he was in fact wearing fairly heavily-rimmed glasses, which, as everybody knows, render tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed guys completely unrecognizable.

(also, I went back to watch those scenes, because of reasons legitimate curiosity, and I find it hysterically funny that you have a British actor speaking lines as an evil German spy who is pretending to be an American...)
Medieval Lady

I.... just... wait... what?

So, due to Tor.com being all Bowie all the time this week, I was wandering around "Labyrinth" fanfiction (the better to avoid work with... what?), and I came across a story where Jareth is secretly really actually for real... Satan.


Wait. What?

I realize that this was supposed to be dark-and-angsty, and twisted obsession, and evil plots, and puppy-kicking, but.... I... just... No. It worked pretty well until I had to accept the idea that "Goblin King = Glittery Tight-pantsed Prince of Darkness," and then, it really, really, reeaaaalllly... didn't.

(in spite of a moment of possibly-intentional-PotC-inspired hilarity when Sarah complained that Jareth had promised her he was NOT in fact secretly Satan... "You cheated!" "...Satan!")
greeting, worm

"Oh, it's real. Very. Very. Real"


Joss Whedon is really for real adapting "Much Ado About Nothing"!!!

(I am SO psyched for this!*)

*Slightly higher level of psyched might exist if N. Fillion was playing Benedick, but, I love the fact that he's playing another character (Dogsbody! Awesome!), and not sticking to "snarky romantic lead" type, you know?
Medieval Lady

"Oh, Andrei-- you've lost _another_ submarine?"

In my continuing quest to get work done at ridiculous hours fail at resisting shiny narratives watch "Criminal Minds" in syndication, I keep ending up watching the second part of any given pair of episodes. Yeah; syndication order is weird. Although sometimes, as in this case, the two episodes are connected, but not immediately following one another. Right. Anyway, was watching "No Way Out II: The Evolution of Frank," the episode that pretty much breaks Gideon and leads to his departure from the show. Really bad trauma and tragedy and a psychopathic killer who could have been one of those annoying repeat psychos (kind of like Jack in "Profiler," actually), if "Criminal Minds" were a different show. Since it isn't, it just stuck with the really bad trauma and tragedy striking directly at what makes Gideon do what he does and how he makes sense of his job.

And during the Dramatic Train Station Confrontation, all I could think was, "Hallo. My name is Jason Gideon. You killed my love interest. Prepare to die."


(Yeah.... I'm gonna end up in one of the special afterlives, aren't I....)