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Medieval Lady

Step one: remove glasses; step two: shake out hair; step three: PROFIT!

I heard this song on the radio a couple of times. The first time was that thing where you hear the second half of the song, and you're figuring it out and hoping that you can hear the full thing, and you have no idea who is singing it.

I have to say, when I learned who was singing it, I was appropriately surprised (I, um, kind of missed the great boy band trend of 19-whatever-it-was...).

But, anyway, hearing the lyrics, I kind of had this picture of the video in my head, you know, assuming that it would be a video that tells a story of some sort. The story, frankly, seemed pretty obvious-- but that was okay, because that storyline is one that I find fun, when it's done well.

Somehow? I was completely right and yet absolutely, totally wrong in a fairly fabulous way.

(seriously; how often is this type of story done as "it's 100% attitude, and it's entirely about owning that attitude and pretty much rocking it" rather than "new hair, lose weight, new clothes, make-up, high heels...")
Medieval Lady

But that's not the shape of my heart...

In other news, the rain is making me alternately twitchy and sleepy. Also, I could have SWORN I had a whole YouTube account with a bunch of favorites and, essentially, a playlist of things like anime soundtrack music and other stuff that made a nice background mix to work with... and I can't find it. Apparently the Interwebs ate it.
Medieval Lady

Eurovision 2012

Really quite awesome.... I would have put a video version up if I could have found it (there is a version of just the song, with a black screen, or a version with the lyrics in a very silly font, so, figured the live performance was better...)

greeting, worm

Heaven helps the man who fights his fear...

This song is absolutely positively perfect for.... some character, somewhere, who I can't quiiiite get a proper bead on. You know what I mean? The sort of song that would be a terrific AMV if you could just figure out who it would fit with?

Me: It's not quite Kenshin.

Dragondaughter: He hasn't so much solved his emotional problems as much as he's stopped bleating about them...

Me: Cloud Strife, maybe?

Dragondaughter: No! He has enough great AMVs!

Me: We just re-watched "Baccano,"... which is full of guys who would say "fights his what, now?"... except for Jacuzzi Splot. (yes, really--- and it sounds even weirder in Japanese)

Dragondaughter: Claire Stanfield read about fear in a book once, but he doesn't believe everything he reads. Luck Gandor wouldn't so much "fight" his fear as be smug at it until it got bored and went away. Or possibly he'd encase it in cement and drop it into the Hudson.

Me: Possibly Vincent from "Ergo Proxy"?

Dragondaughter: Ehhh... as much as it's anybody, maybe....

Very cheesy '80s music video aside (all the cool gangsters have nunchuks! Surprisingly clean alleyways! Cops who can't figure out the mysteries of a staircase!), still awesome.

Of course, that is not the best prison break-related music video, which continues to be this one right here.