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Medieval Lady

I.... just... wait... what?

So, due to Tor.com being all Bowie all the time this week, I was wandering around "Labyrinth" fanfiction (the better to avoid work with... what?), and I came across a story where Jareth is secretly really actually for real... Satan.


Wait. What?

I realize that this was supposed to be dark-and-angsty, and twisted obsession, and evil plots, and puppy-kicking, but.... I... just... No. It worked pretty well until I had to accept the idea that "Goblin King = Glittery Tight-pantsed Prince of Darkness," and then, it really, really, reeaaaalllly... didn't.

(in spite of a moment of possibly-intentional-PotC-inspired hilarity when Sarah complained that Jareth had promised her he was NOT in fact secretly Satan... "You cheated!" "...Satan!")
Medieval Lady

Two fictional boys walk into a bar...

Occasionally, I run into crossovers/combinations that I would never, ever, ever have thought of, and certainly wouldn’t have believed could work. Vathara pulls them off with astonishing regularity over at ffnet, for example.

Here’s another one, by the supremely talented Ashe Ryder, over at Deviant Art. She started with an idea… and then it developed. And developed. And invited some friends over for tea and the occasional fruit basket.

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Of course, Number 15 does nothing to combat my insane desire to make a series of POTC AMVs using Gilbert and Sullivan music....