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Intrepid Girl Reporter Fail

So, recently, I watched "North and South" (the BBC one, not the one I remembered having seen verrrry silly and melodramatic bits from lo those many years ago, which, I must confess, had me horribly confused when people were saying effusive things about "North and South" before I figured out they meant the OTHER one... anyway....), because of reasons, and then was poking about to see what else Richard Armitage was in (REASONS... um... actually, I did have an actual reason for that search, but darned if I can recollect what it was... anyway....), and IMDB cheerfully informed me that he was in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Me: Wait, what? Where... what?
IMDB: He played Heinz Kruger.
Me: Wait, what? Who... wait... random Hydra guy in the suit with the Dramatic Dying Declaration? Really? You mean that character had a name? Richard Armitage played that role? I honestly totally missed that....

And then I had several minutes of sounding like Charlotte from Sense and Sensibility, with "I don't believe it!" (but without threats to plant very tall trees).

Me: Hey, you'll never believe this, but Richard Freaking Armitage was in Captain America: The First Avenger!
Intrepid Roommate: Yeah, he played Heinz Kruger.

In my defense, I note that he was in fact wearing fairly heavily-rimmed glasses, which, as everybody knows, render tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed guys completely unrecognizable.

(also, I went back to watch those scenes, because of reasons legitimate curiosity, and I find it hysterically funny that you have a British actor speaking lines as an evil German spy who is pretending to be an American...)

Hapless Homemakers

One of the great things about having an awesome roommate is that you manage to complement each other.

For example, when it comes to cleaning the kitchen. Now, kitchens-- especially for female-type people-- can be kind of... fraught. I mean, you have generations of homemakers and socio-cultural "cleanliness is next to goodliness is next to your moral worth as a human being" and so on and so forth. Also? Dirty kitchens tend to smell funky.

Now, my kitchen-cleaning pattern is to do a bit at a time. Reheating lunch? Unload the dishwasher. Passing by? Bag the recycling. It's a nice way to take a break, and it serves the neat psychological function of making me feel a little more in control of my corner of the universe ("I may have a to-do list that stretches from here to Vancouver, and my prospects for permanent employment may not be visible to the naked eye, but MY COUNTERS SMELL LEMONY FRESH, DARN IT!").

d_ragondaughter: And you also use cleaning the kitchen as a way to avoid doing actual items from that to-do list.

Me: *sigh* And I also use cleaning the kitchen as a way to avoid doing actual items from that to-do list.

d_ragondaughter: That one time, you spent an entire afternoon making lists of what belonged in each cupboard, and taping them up to the inside of the drawers instead of...

Me: Yesfinenotthepoint.

Anyway. Moving on. d_ragondaughter has an entirely different approach. She tends to leave things be, let them pile up a bit, kind of lull them into a false sense of security, and then, without warning, DESCEND UPON THEM FROM ON HIGH WITH A RIGHTEOUS CLEANSING FURY.

(I stay out of the way for that part)

Generally speaking, this all works out. Except, of course, when one of us is either a) out of town (which makes the other one tend to just throw food together and not really pay much attention to it) or b) sick (which just throws everything off).

Last week? We had both. And the start of the semester (which really should be item c on the list, frankly). Finally, however, there was actually time today to get everything finished, get some re-arranging taken care of, and take a deep breath at the sight of a cleaned kitchen.

Needless to day, dinner tonight was leftovers, heated in the microwave, on the plates it was served on.

And by "you," my icon of course means "me"....

Five things enter, one post leaves....

1) HOW IS IT SUNDAY ALREADY? I want my weekend back, darn it! I had plans!

2) You know how the rum is always gone? I want to know why the grading is never gone. Gaaaaaaaaah.....

2a) The worst part here is that I am grading exams on a wide range of material and I am paranoid that I am missing things which are either plausible-sounding but wrong or which sound odd but which are correct because I can't remember the texts they claim to be discussing correctly.
2b) This time, I get to grade the essay of the kid who always complains about his grade. Who, apparently, really screwed up on the other section of the exam (which I am not grading this time). Yaaaaay.

3) Last week, I was at a pet adoption fair with d_ragondaughter, and I talked with a woman who works with-- well, pretty much runs, I think-- a local animal rescue group, focusing on TNR. The city has a grant covering the spay/neuter surgery, but it runs out at the end of the year (which I had not known). So, I said I would get in touch with her, and did, and she is VERY OVERWHELMED OF CAT-TRAPPING, and the general running of a cat-rescue program and the fact that the grant is running out at the end of the year and there is one cat in particular she is trying to relocate but she can't manage to get out to where the cat is and there is also a colony she continues to try to trap behind this particular grocery store and *deep breath*. Anyway. So. I am going to, hopefully, go pick up a trap on Tuesday and set it out and hopefully the cat will get trapped and so on. But I am now feeling incredibly stressed about this and kind of guilty-in-advance with "WHAT IF THIS DOES NOT WORK OOOOOUUUUUT?" Because... I don't know; now that I have said I will help with what is clearly overwhelming for one person, it's like anything going wrong is letting everybody down, even if the going-wrong is that the cat does not want to get into the trap. Also, this is going to involve working with new people who I do not know. Yay. My brain, ladies and gentlefolk.

4) Dear students: OK, look, the course blog? That is for your benefit, to give you an easy grade boost.. but this only works if you read the texts and then fill out the blog posts. *sigh*

5) On top of this, spent part of the day (did I mention that I am easily distracted while trying to force myself to work on grading? See this post for a prime example...) trying to figure out the costs for gym memberships, since there is a gym where there's a reduced membership for working where I work, but there are also other options. And I ran into the truly fun (hah!) fact that gyms apparently won't tell you how much you would have to pay for membership, on the grounds that they want to be able to give you the high pressure guilt-related hard sell full tour so that you can see the fantastic benefits of membership and be pressured by super-fit salespeople who extol the virtues of the good health and fitness you clearly don't have. That is really uncool on so many levels and would involve having to go there and deal with new people I don't know who are way more together than me. Le sigh.

5a) Plus side: Finally (FINALLY!) got to head out for great bike ride with
d_ragondaughter and located the nearby greenway trail, and the weather was amazing, and then on the way back we spotted what is apparently a new fitness and dance place right around the block, which focuses on such fantastic things as hula-hoop and zumba and circus-type workouts. Which is highly, highly awesome (and they tell you how much things cost; it's fantastic).

Ok; break's over, back into the trenches I go...