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Medieval Lady

Idiots with rocks

I actually do count us as very lucky that the idiot burglar who chucked a rock through the backdoor window last Tuesday only got away with Intrepid Roommate's X-Box and the old, malware-ridden laptop I'd been borrowing from her since my stalwart Dell gave up the ghost after years of service. And also that, while the cats (or at least some of them) _did_ finally take the chance to stroll around and investerigate the fascinating outside where Bird TV lives, they came back in, because the inside is where the warm and the food and the dedicated cat-slaves people are. Although now some of them have taken to getting VERY INTERESTED IN THE BACK DOOR at night, making piteous noises and attempting to climb up to and/or burrow through the window.

Having to go get a shiny new laptop was not originally on my schedule for this spring, but... new laptop! is shiny! and Windows 7 occasionally flounces off and stops talking to the home wireless for no discernible reason, but is otherwise ok. Still getting the hang of some of the ways it works, etc. Random tendency to grow or shrink the text in documents while I'm moving the cursor around; haven't gotten the hang of it yet, but have at least figured out how to fix it. And there are really pretty desktop backgrounds. And you can put them on a kind of rotating slide show; it is ridiculous how cool I find that. *grin*

So, overall, not as bad as it could have been; I didn't spend too long dithering about laptops, which was good (because not having a laptop was driving me crazy, desktop computer notwithstanding). Now I just have to figure out if I want to spring for an additional warranty, about which I am ambivalent (much money... could use it to save for replacement... on the other hand, have not been good for computer this past year...). *sigh* And also deal with the lingering nervousness about, you know, burglary. We've beefed up security on the back door, which helps. But I'm still making mental lists of things to look for in a future apartment which will make sure it is Safer Than Here.
Medieval Lady

Feline Follies

The cats have decided that the way to stop me from cruelly abandoning them by daring to leave the apartment for any length of time is to sit on me.

And then they go curl up and nap, because all that keeping me pinned down is Very Hard Work.
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