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Historically settled by random Swiss people...

Greetings from New Bern! Am here a) with parents, b) with very little Internet (the complex has decided to take this time to switch providers...which makes sense; very much off-season, etc. Still annoying). Am borrowing a cup of broadband access from Dad, but don't want to use too much of however many minutes he has.

Getting here was... um.... ok, so we couldn't check in until 4:00. That was fine.

Me: Ok, checking in at four... two-hour and forty-minute drive.... leave after lunch... finish work-stuff in the morning, have quick lunch, pack...


Mom: Oh, you know what would be neat? We could meet for lunch!

Me: Ok! *mental rescheduling*

Mom: I've been having this craving for IHOP; no idea why.

Me: Pancakes, yum.

Mom: So, we'll meet at 1:00.

Me: Ok! *mentally calculates meeting at one, two-hour and forty-minute drive, finish work-stuff on Saturday, pack on Sunday morning*


Mom: You know, I was thinking, how about we meet at 12:30?

Me: Ok! *mentally calculates meeting at 12:30, two-hour and forty-minute drive, finish work-stuff on Saturday, bake cookies in the evening, pack on Sunday morning*


Dad: So, your mother said we're planning on meeting for lunch at noon?

Me: .....

Dad: I've been looking at Mapquest and Google, and it looks like it won't take us as long as I thought to get there. So, we'll call you when we leave, around 9:30.

Me: Oookaaay.... *mad crazy mental recalculating, also factoring in the weather, which screwed up the pre-baking shopping expeditions....*


Phone: *rings at 9:10*


Mom: Hi! We are on the road, and Our Lady of Perpetual Navigation says we will be there at 11:40!!!

Me: *considers running mad; decides against, as it would interfere with the current crazed packing, and if I don't get these presents together to give to people, we will never get them out of the apartment* Um. I might be a wee tad bit late.

Actually, meeting them worked out perfectly, because I drive hella fast when stressed, late, and needing to be someplace thirty-five minutes ago I called the parental cellphones when I estimated I was about twenty minutes out and suggested we meet at the restaurant... and they were just getting to the resort (where they could not check in until 4:00), and took twenty minutes to get to the restaurant. Whee.

Lovely quiet vacation so far; perfect for reading a metric ton of books on the Holy Roman Empire relaxing whilst admiring the Canadian geese strolling by the pond. We are watching the Harry Potter movies, which is quite fun.
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May 2009 be a fantastic year, everybody!

Health, happiness, and good luck in the New Year. May we be able to look back in a year's time, and toast to a fabulous year gone by.

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(does anybody know how to make that text all sparkly and glitterified? I wanted to do decorative AND festive holiday wishes, but I can't figure it out... and, also, Googling variants of "sparkly text" seems to keep bringing up a bunch of "Twilight" references. Hee, hee, hee)
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*sparkles and fireworks*


I hope that everybody had a great evening, and got to be properly festive, etc. Roommate and I stayed in, had various party-type foods, had the TV on while we played Scrabble (at which I got stomped on) and gin (which I won, solely by virtue of it being the first time she'd played). And, of course, we watched the Times Square stuff on television (much applause and respect to Dick Clark for keeping up with host appearances after his stroke and recovery).

Lots on the table for 2008; I am hoping that I will be able to do The Things That Need to be Done, and be properly resolved about my resolutions. Yay!

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But are your interests really all that interesting?

So, this is the first time my sister has brought home A Boy. Not counting the Boy who she dated in High School, who really didn't come around all that often _either_, to my recollection.

This Christmas, however, her boyfriend-since-last-Spring and his seven-year-old son came down to visit.

He is very nice; his son is very nice, and very Seven (and very much a boy of age seven... which is weird, because the only other seven-year-old boy I have any experience with was/is in Germany, so I keep having an instinct to speak in German, since that is obviously the language of seven-year-old boys, disconcerting species that they are).

And, so, yes, they are very nice, and sister is obviously adored by both of them and adores them in turn, and they fit extremely well together, the three of them, and Boyfriend gets along with parents and is gainfully employed teacher and intelligent person and fantastic father and so on and so forth and so on. I am thrilled to bits for sister, and hope that this all continues to progress and work out and so on.

The thing is... Boyfriend is in charge of anime club at his school. Which is terrific. I am highly in favor of teachers being dedicated enough to be in charge of clubs, and highly in favor of anime clubs, and so on.

And the parents are actually asking some questions about anime, and about manga, of both him and of me. This is a very new development.

(I actually requested manga (specific ones) as part of presents for our crazy mall run the other day, and the conversation went something like this:

Mom: What do people want for Christmas?
Me: Umm... there are some manga... "Fruits Basket" from Volume 5 onwards, and "XXXHolic"
Mom and/or Dad: Huh? Ma-What?
Me: Manga. Japanese graphic novels. They are called manga.
Mom and/or Dad: We have no idea where such exotic items might be obtained, and why are you asking for things which clearly will not be located in a normal mall bookstore, or, if they WERE to carry such bizarre and unique things, it would clearly be a big hassle to find that particular corner of the bookstore.
Me: *sigh* Go into Waldenbooks. Look or ask for the manga section. They are alphabetical by title.

Because, really, as I'm sure many of you are aware, the manga section of your average bookstore is NOT SUBTLE.

Afterwards, both parents expressed vast surprise at the size of the manga sections. And Dad noted, with equal surprise, that many of the manga appeared to be stories which took multiple volumes.

Me: Yes. Traditionally, manga start out as serialized chapters in magazines in Japan. And then the ones that do well are collected and printed in volumes in book form. And then the ones that are popular as manga are turned into anime, and/or licensed and published in the US. And then doujinshi artists turn them into porn. )

In the past two days, both "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Spirited Away" have been played on the DVD player, and Mom and Dad have caught at least part of them ("Oh, these are anime?" "Yes, these are anime."). And they have asked questions about what anime is, and what types of things can be anime ("Umm.. everything.. sports... samurai... giant robots... enchanted duck magical girls with ballet superpowers... science fiction... fantasy... high school drama..."), to both me and to Boyfriend-of-Sister.

So, I am caught between this weird sense of "Yay, Mom and Dad are FINALLY INTERESTED and not treating me like I'm a complete flake totally juvenile somebody with this weird hobby of watching kid's stuff and not growing up or being interested/distracted by things which are not at all mature, grown-up, whatever." (at least they didn't think I was watching and/or reading porn?) and this sense of "Wait... how come it took the demonstrated interest of MY SISTER'S NEW BOYFRIEND to get Mom and Dad to see this, after my being interested for several years, and in a big, significant, noticeable way?" It's really kind of annoying; I have watched "Spirited Away" here before, with parents around, and they have no memory of it. I've been reading manga at home, and talked about anime, and tried to explain that it wasn't kid's stuff, and it has made no difference. Because, you know, I am still in school. And Boyfriend is an actual professional job-having person. Which means that his opinions can be taken seriously, and if he has an interest, it must be a grown-up interest, whereas... well, I am stuck in perpetual student mode, and there is no mental difference for my folks between undergrad and advanced grad student, apparently. Student = student = not grown-up.

Gaaaah. Much love to parents, etc., very happy that there might now be Actual Conversations on the subject of anime/manga, etc., but it's still kind of annoying to have the not-being-taken-seriously being thrown into sharp relief in this fashion.
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We're not tardy, we're exotic

*looks around shiftily* You know, in Spain, the presents are first exchanged on January 6th, because that's Epiphany, and they feel that the day on which the Three Kings actually brought presents to Jesus is an appropriate day for people in general to bring presents to other people.

I would just like to note that on that schedule, we are doing very well this year with the sending out of packages and presents and things.