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Greetings, everybody, from Honolulu, where I will be participating in a Japan-focused academic seminar for three weeks, and then doing independent research and beach time for a week.

Long day in the air, of course. With, of course, the difficult decision of "okay, how do I pick a movie that I am interested in, but don't really need an actual screen or particularly good video quality, and I may fall asleep in the middle of it..." Ended up watching a recent (I think? It's part of the "Bones is pregnant" season...) episode of "Bones," which was.... odd. I mean, it felt like they'd taken some of the character development backwards, in terms of "Bones does not understand your strange earthling emotions, or the ideas you are trying to communicate." Also, there was a new character who was "Ah ahm from thus South, and thus will always wear a baseball cap, even with my labcoat, and tahk in colorful idioms and generally come across as an uneducated hick, even though I am brilliant." Really disconcerting example of "southern stereotypes stuffed into a show by people who are not actually from the South."

Right; I suspect that this level of babble about silly things, I am very tired, and should thus go get some sleep.
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Aloha update!

Five things make a post...

1) The airline safety video's reassurance that a water landing is 'highly unlikely' just doesn't quite sound as reassuring when its saying that as the plane heads out over the Pacific.

2) It is really amusing how many folks brought their spouses and/or families with them for the duration of the program. I mean, the two whose husbands have legitimate research-y reasons for being here are one thing; the three people who brought spouse-and-baby make sense, I guess, sort of.... the guy who is here with his wife and four kids age six and under would probably have been beaten senseless with a bassinet if he'd tried to take off and leave her alone for over a month. Winner is still the guy who has managed to arrange his wedding in conjunction with being here.

3) I have managed to catch some episodes of a couple different live-action Japanese, Chinese, and Korean dramas on TV, with subtitles. Soooooo over-the-top. And the historical ones, I keep getting distracted by the amazing hair ornaments (there's a fantasty one, with evil scheming villainess, hapless king and queen, spunky princess, comic relief guards, brave captains.... cast of thousands, plus a very silly-looking official royal seal shaped like a turtle).

3a) Yeah, the plotbunnies are lurking.

4) Surprising feral cat population is occasionally noisy does not care what you think was a surprise.

5) Eee, amazing program full of fantastic brain-stretching stuff. *grin*

(yeah, more substantive posts anon)
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On Oahu, wa-hoo, wahoo....

Hello Interwebs!

Ok, upcoming trip reality is finally starting to sink in (ack! ack! aaaaaack!)! And, since this is an area I'm completely ignorant about (well, mostly... I mean, I am aware of certain basic facts...), I thought I would ask for any suggestions for places to go, things to see, good places to eat (especially to eat cheaply), and good souvenirs to bring home (in the "here is where I will be doing much of my Christmas-shopping sense, too) on Oahu. Or, well, other islands; no clue if/what island-hopping might be done.

Which reminds me... any island-hopping suggestions?