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Darn you, Mercury! *dramatic fist-shaking*

One of the things that is always very exciting is to get to actually meet good friends I only know from online. And, having dinner (or lunch, etc.) out with friends is also always excellent (and doesn't really happen that often-- in the "hey, let's get a bunch of people together and go get food and converse" sense, not the "Hey, roommate, want to grab a hamburger?" sense-- yes, indeed, we really live it up down here in one of the major amazing restaurant cities in the Southeast, woot).

So, I was REALLY psyched when it turned out that sekiharatae was going to be in reasonable driving distance for a wedding this past weekend. Yay! And plans were made! And they were, let me tell you, pretty darned awesome plans Although part of that is because The Melting Potis a) one of my favorite restaurants (fondue! more fondue! an amazing salad!-- yes, I know, but it's a fairly terrific salad-- dessert fondue!), and b)... um... yeah, I don't care how much time they spend telling you it's a Romantic Restaurant for Romantic Dinners for romance--- I used to go with d_ragondaughter and amaranthadanae and the three of us would order one of the fondue dinners for two, and we would STILL be waaaaaay toooo fuuuulllll and have leftover cheesecake. Four people (d_ragondaughter, me, sekiharatae, and her husband)? Perfect for a fantastic night out!!

Monday: "Um... yeah, there may be a teeny problem with a hurricane....but we could evacuate in the direction of the restaurant! This is completely logical!!!....what?"
Tuesday: "OK, looks like the hurricane is not hitting here, so, we're good!"
Wednesday: "Gosh, I hope these driving time estimates are ok... I would be SO embarassed to show up late..... we will just have to coordinate the HECK out of meeting up after class to get on the road... (and hopefully no students will want to talk to me after class...) Ack! The warning light for tire pressure is on in my car! I really can't just ignore that.... hopefully it's not anything major..."
Thursday: "Hah! It was just that the oil change people set the tire pressure too low- we are good to go! We have Tae's Christmas present all set, we have assorted anime and books to inflict upon her lend to her, we have filled up the gas tank! Awesome!" (with, I might add, a side order of feeling VERY happy at defeating various weather- and car-related potential obstacles! Yes!!!)
Friday: "Wait, classes are cancelled as of 2:00? WOOOT! *ahem* I mean... darn? Ok, this is good, this is very good-- well, getting out of downtown before the downpour, definitely good, but getting on the road an hour early, EVEN BETTER!!! And now we won't be late! And maybe, even, *evil grin*, added bonus, we will have a bit of time to stop in at the IKEA! It's only an exit up from the restaurant!! THIS IS GOING TO BE FANTASTIC!!" *dramatic anime pose of WIKTORIES!*

d_ragondaughter: Um... yeah... about that... heard from sekiharatae... that cold that she and her husband had which morphed into the Horrible Death Blargh is, well, still at the Horrible Death Blargh state. So they had to cancel.

Me:.. *big anime wibble-eyes* Can...cel?

d_ragondaughter: On account of Horrible Restaurant-Unfriendly Death Blargh.

Me: Waaaaaah!!!! *tragic!!*


Me: Oh, also? The express commuter bus is starting up two hours early on account of "let's get everybody off the peninsula before the weather gets too bad"-- can you come get me at the bus stop? And then, darn it, we are going to go get a frozen pizza. And chips.

d_ragondaughter: And cake?

Me: Darn right, cake.

(obviously, Horrible Death Blargh right before a family wedding which involved flying across the country is WAAAAAY more important than having to cancel dinner with random internet peoples. But, you know, I have a) no social life, and b)umm.... let's just say that there's an annoying giant steamer trunk up in my personal mental baggage which is labeled "nobody wants to spend time with you/nobody remembers you" and is full of photos and newspaper clippings of relevant moments in my life, which means that anytime something like this happens, it takes a couple of seconds for the logical side of my brain to slam the fool thing shut and sit on it.)

Tae, hope that you feel better soon!!!
Medieval Lady


Around here, at Holiday-time, we sometimes run into the Dance of the Packages. You know the one--where more than one person in a house has stuff on order.... and perhaps there are things in the packages that are relevant to the other person in the house. Right. So, the other day, the doorbell rings; d_ragondaughter and I are sitting downstairs, and we both race (in a dignified fashion!) for the door.

d_ragondaughter Oh, that must be...

Me: The thing that I ordered!

Us: Wait.. the thing that you ordered?

d_ragondaughter Hang on... this has both of our names on it....

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Medieval Lady

Weekend Conversations, pt. 1

(nb-- bracketed words are an attempt to mark out a roughly phonetic spelling)

Last Saturday:

d_ragondaughter: Heeee!

Me: What?

Her: Reading my flist; copperbadge has an entry up... "“I just received an invitation to The 31st Annual [MAYL]COM Conference & Exhibition. As far as I can tell, [MAYL]COM is like a fan convention, only for people who really love business [mayl]. There's an exhibition hall where you can learn about the latest in [mayl] technology. I could go to a seminar on [Mayl] Systems Management or learn how to secure my distribution options and develop [mayl] disaster preparedness...."

Me: Um.. wait... hang on.. could you spell the verison of "[mayl]" involved?

Her:... M. A. I. L.


Her: What did you think I was talking about with "MAILCOM"?

Me: Um... well... I thought it was... umm.. you know, like Yaoi-con.. but with business suits?


Me: Um?

Her: So... the latest in "male technology" would be....?


Her: *goes off snickering about "male disaster preparedness"


d_ragondaughter: *reading website* Huh.... interesting... "When I get [mayl] ready to sell/wear/give to someone, I've taken to prepping it a little before it leaves me."

Me: Uh-huh....

d_ragondaughter: "First, I clean it with lemon juice"

Me: Wait... um... er.. could you spell which "[mayl]" you're referring to, again...

Her: M.A.I.L.E.

Me: Right...

Her: What did you THINK was being cleaned with lemon juice?

Me: Erm... I was still getting confused about the "getting ready to wear"....

Her: MAILCOM cosplay!

Me: Well, I do like a boy in a suit?

Vote for Nutter!!!!

Hi, everybody!

If you happen to also read evilpuppy and/or quoth_the_ravyn's journals, then you know that evilpuppy's adorable cat Nutter has made it to the finals of the CW "The Bay Area's Top Pet 2010" competition. This is awesome! *cheers!*

But, evilpuppy still needs as many people to go vote for Nutter as possible... and I am hoping to help spread the word.

Winning the prize would be HUGE; it would be really meaningful, tangible support for Nutter and his brother Knight (who are both ridiculously cute, btw). As she says,

"Seriously, I can't begin to say how much having a year's supply of food would help our finances, and the shopping money would mean we could get the boys some of the things we've been holding off on because we can't afford them. You guys have been SO AWESOME in voting so far and I think we can totally win it with everyone's support! Remember you can vote ONCE A DAY! So please don't forget to pop over to the site and help Nutter win!"

I would like to add my voice to hers and encourage everybody to go and vote for Nutter!!! It doesn't take much time or effort; you can vote every day, and go over to evilpuppy's journal to check out special bonus Nutter photos (heck, they may even persuade you to go vote).

The main context website is here; you can click over to "cats" and then pick "Nutter is ready for his close-up."

The Bay Area's Top Pet 2010 Contest