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Medieval Lady

Halp, I have eaten all the food….

Based on a recommendation from an internet… um… acquaintance? Person whose stuff I read even though I don’t actually know them?...... anyway, I am in Chicago (which is not the recommendation part; it’s another thing), and I was trying to figure out where to go to eat, because Chicago is a city which has some really great food. So. I asked for recommendations, and got a short list of places—one of which happens to be right around the corner from the hotel.

It is the Weber Grill, which is basically what would happen if you gave Sano and Katsu a restaurant budget, and possibly a crate of beer to get through while they were working out the concept. Seriously—you walk in and there is this fantastic charcoal grill odor, with overtones of ALL THE MEAT, because there are these three giant charcoal grills, which were so big that they had to have basically exhaust areas underneath for the used-up charcoal, in order to allow space for putting in more charcoal up at the top without undue loss of heat and grilling time.

I sat up at the chef’s counter, where you could basically sit and watch them grilling (did I mention it was ALL THE MEAT on those grills? And also pretzel rolls, because that is what they use for hamburger buns. And also for the complimentary bread. *squee*

It was, frankly, a little bit warm, but still really interesting. I had enough counter space to spend time before the food arrived (grilled barbecued meatloaf! And some ribs. And also some garlic mashed potatoes) reading a PDF of a 15th-century German incunabula (as one does…what?).

And, yes, I did in fact have dessert. *g*
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Medieval Lady

Allez Cuisiner!!!

Ok, I have been looking forward to the "Iron Chef America: Super Chef Battle" for... well, pretty much since they started promoting it.

So far? AWESOME! Secret ingredient one? The White House vegetable garden (introduced by First Lady Michelle Obama). Secret ingredient two? A whole bunch of fantastic other American-grown ingredients (heritage turkeys, honey from the White House apiary-- the White House has an apiary? awesome!)

Mario Batali + Emeril Lagasse = terrific team; Bobby Flay + Executive White House Chef Comerford? Equally so.

In conclusion: Ten minutes in, and I can't stop making happy "squeee!" noises.
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Cookie Fail

As a chocolate fan, the name of these cookies sounded too good to pass up. Seriously; Chocolate Moose Dragons? Fantastic.

Unfortunately, after I bought a package, I proceeded to forget that I had them, until they were... err... not so much edible food anymore. While I was mourning them, though, I noticed something: there are two cookies in a package; fine. A serving is 170 calories; perfectly fine.

A "serving" is defined as half a cookie.


I could understand if two cookies were two servings-- you know, one cookie is a serving; bit stingy, since if you're talking about a two-cookie package, most people will consider that single package to be their dessert. But claiming that a two-cookie package is four servings? That reads like a really obnoxious strategy for being able to claim that your vegan, fair trade, organic cookies are ALSO under 200 calories a serving, and assuming that people will read the calorie count and not the serving size.

*growls and heads off to find other chocolate*
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Poultry Concerns

As part of my campaign to escape the shackles of my computer desk at least once a day, this afternoon d_ragondaughter and I went to the grocery store to take advantage of a sale on canned soup, then swung back around to the Target, using the Sekrit Back Route of Not Taking the Highway on a Saturday. (it's non-stop fun and excitement around here, folks)

We came up to the first turn, waited for the light, and she was about halfway through the intersection when we both kind of looked, blinked, and simultaneously said, "Is that... a _chicken_?"

Because, yes, indeed, there was a fairly large chicken, at the side of a gravel driveway belonging to a small pinkish house, happily pecking away. And, as we drove past the house itself, we could see there were two more chickens, also cheerfully involved in some very important gravel- and bug-related endeavors. Not a usual thing to see in that part of town, free-range chickens.*

Then, as we were pulling up to the Target, I noticed that the parking lot had sprouted a new building. With signs on it indicating that it is soon to become a Kentucky Fried Chicken.**

Me: That's... they're putting up a Kentucky Fried Chicken??

Dragonsdaughter: Wait, what? NOOOOOO!

Me: There, there; the Chick-Fil-A will laugh at it. *pious tone* Except on Sundays, when it will pray for its miserable soul.

Dragonsdaughter: *bursts out laughing*

(seriously; the Chick-Fil-A is no more than fifty yards away from the new building)

*Mostly due to the large intersection and significant road, frankly. Although I vaguely recall regulations about chickens and suburbia in general sort of way, but that might have been for the next town over.

**Or, if you want to go by their recent, face-palmingly dumb attempt to redefine "KFC" for the modern, health-conscious age, "Kitchen Fresh Chicken"... that never really seemed to take, although they pretty much stick to the initials nowadays, and hope people won't think "Fried."