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Medieval Lady

Practically writes itself into fanfic....

(wow, I really need to make my yearly resolution to, you know, be more present on LJ? Or anywhere?)

While taking a bit of a breather amongst assorted chaoses (yes, I'm pretty sure you can have a plural of chaos....) by watching assorted random Netflix movies, I kept running into a Japanese film in which a nun (okay) who is also a ninja (ummm....) has to infiltrate a religious cult (....because of... reasons?) and gets hit with, and I quote, a "sex spell."



So of course, mind boggled, my brain resorts to a) trying to figure out how the heck that-all would work, plot-wise, and b) more importantly, whether it would be funnier to take potential fanfic in the direction of, "no, no; we TOTALLY have a sex spell, it's one of our most secret essential stealthy tactics," hijinks or "oh, darn it, I've absolutely been hit with a sex spell, yup indeed, however shall we fix that" hijinks.

Either way, hijinks.

(in other news, the Wikipedia discussion of films featuring ninja includes a rather dry note in the section about the sexier sort of ninja films that these films often include bondage elements, but fails to add, "surprising absolutely nobody" to that sentence)
Medieval Lady

Good thing it's pretty, 'cause it ain't too bright....

Ever since I heard that Studio Ghibli was doing a Tales of Earthsea movie, I have been really, really excited about it. I lamented the fact that I couldn't get to see it on the big screen, and gazed wistfully at the posters on Amazon and wondered whether I should try to get the DVD or not.

And then, when I was in one of the local branch libraries last week, I saw the DVD! Yay! Much rejoicing.

And so, having saved Friday night for Earthsea and pizza, I present a very, very spoilerish discussion Collapse )

There wolf; there castle...

Like many folks who write fiction (fan or otherwise), guardantares and I find that the reaction to bad fiction very frequently involves trying to find a way to FIX THINGS in the plot, characterizations, etc. Which means that recently, she's been muttering about a really annoying book with an idiot ex-boyfriend, a wet-blanket heroine, a fairly fantastic eventual love interest, and an author who thinks narrative tension and progression equals dumping more troubles and problems and drama on the hapless heroine's head.

Guardantares: The doctor is great! He'd be great in a better story! You could even use the device of the idiot ex writing a horrific emo-blog column all about the heroine, but...

Me: Don't look at me; I've been reading a bunch of paranormal romances. My brain is not going to produce anything useful for your plot.

Guardantares: *sigh*

Me: Unless you decide the heroine's a werewolf or something.

Guardantares: *blink*... darn you. And then the whole "he's writing complaining about her weight" is because she's dealing with extra shifter-related body mass...

Me: Is this a world where the supernatural and natural worlds are openly co-existing? "Loving a Larger Werewolf"?

Guardantares: "Shut up! What am I supposed to do-- Weight Watchers does not offer calorie counts for squirrels!"

Me: *snicker*

Guardantares: Although she's going to have to be something else, where the bulk in human form is less avoidable, maybe... and he's so used to werewolves that he expects all shifters to have that kind of body structure... werebear?
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