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Fanfic lurking everywhere....

The really weird (and yet... not surprising?) thing is how often it's "Hey, this story could work as RK fanfic!"

Me: Um... it's a very silly '80s sci-fi/fantasy movie about a horrible Cthulu-like monster who lands his space fortress on a medieval-fantasy-with-magic sort of planet so that he can attempt to kidnap the heroine, who is supposedly destined to bear a son who will rule the galaxy...

Fanfic area of brain: Yes, and said heroine has proactively decided that the solution to the invasion is to arrange a marriage with the prince of the other major kingdom, and is very determined about the marriage going through. As is the prince. In spite of their respective parents being all cranky about it.

Me: Oookay... yes, that is definitely a plot which resounds across assorted other stories, some of which are quite possibly fanfic already.

Fanfic area of brain: Spunky and resourceful kidnapped heroine, brave hero, assorted companions, including a snarky bandit chief...

Me: You know, you are making good points, but at the moment, I am getting distracted by the WORST SECRET TUNNEL ESCAPE ATTEMPT EVER, and will thus have to table this mental discussion.

The snow, however, is probably real

"In this low-budget fairy-tale adaptation, the part of the pack of ravening wolves will be played by a group of happy, well-fed, bouncy Husky dogs."

("Hey! Hey! Hey! Do you have treats? We heard you have treats! Treeeeaaaaaats!")

(This is on the level with that scene in that one episode of "Criminal Minds" where the Shocking and Terrible Rat Torture was clearly a set of happy, plump, shiny-coated domestic rats who were clearly nosing about looking for the treats hidden in the actor's clothing....)
No Normal

"I am, after all, a reflection of you"

Way back last Spring, when there were trailers for the two (two!) “Snow White” movies, I thought it was pretty clear which was going to be, you know, more interesting. I mean... Charlize Theron! Looking definitely evil! Kristen Stewart looking.... um... action-chick.. ish! Chris Helmsworth!

The other option, “Mirror, Mirror,” had Julia Roberts, and somebody who looked like Audrey Hepburn, and Nathan Lane, and fantastically colorful costumes which looked like Disney on pastel-colored acid , and trailers which emphasized the color and the humor and the fantastical elements—as opposed to “Snow White and the Huntsman,” which looked GRITTY and ACTION-ORIENTED and like the princess would be... well, more about the action, and the leading the forces of good to fight the evil, power-hungry queen who was literally draining the life from the kingdom, as opposed to being all chirpy birds and flowery dresses and prettiness and sparkles and dwarves on boingy accordion stilt things.

Not that there’s anything wrong with prettiness and sparkles and fairy tales- -I mean, I love “The Slipper and the Rose,” which is definitely pretty and sparkly and occasionally silly (and, okay, sometimes snarky—gotta love a prince whose first line is, “Why do they always sound so many trumpets? I’m not Jehovah!”). But, when trying to figure out what I want to see on the big screen, I’m kind of going to go for the action and the movie that look like it will have a more serious plot.

That didn’t mean that I didn’t, you know, think, “Gee, I should see “Mirror, Mirror” when I get a chance, when it’s out on video, I can get it from the library, but, you know, whatever, silly camp film version, watch for pretty costumes whenever...”

Wow, guys, I was soooo wrong.....

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Medieval Lady

Yeah, I don't know who anybody else would parallel to

Something that occurred to me today, watching the RK live action trailer (squeee!!) after having seen "The Avengers" and having read a lot about how Mark Ruffalo is surprisingly perfect, redefines that character, etc.:

He's basically playing Bruce Banner in a very Kenshin-ish way. I mean, you can't really say "Bruce Banner:Hulk::Kenshin Himura:Battousai," eye-color-change or not, but, seriously, the way Ruffalo plays the role, you can practically hear the "sessha."
Medieval Lady

Please can this play somewhere within driving distance; I've been ever so good...

Courtesy of lonegamer78, some behind-the-scenes bits from the upcoming RK movie!!

I can only make out about one word in ten, but it's still very exciting and squee-worthy (I am fairly certain she is NOT saying, "Kenshin, if you take one step outside those gates, I will beat you senseless with this parasol," but I can imagine it).

Also: okay, is it just that all of the blood (from, you know, victims or mysteriously-bleeding scars) is going to be CGI'ed in afterwards, or were the effects just not in this take? Because it is a bit odd to see Kenshin clearly reacting to his scar bleeding, but there's not any blood. And possibly not any scar; it's a bit hard to tell.
greeting, worm


See, I never find these myself; I get the links from other people, and then, once I have recovered from the "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" (and, in this case, hysterical laughter at the very final line... um... slogan?), I post them.

Thanks to lonegamer78, now updated, with subtitles (WOOOT!... look I'm still in Japanese 102; we've barely learned that adjectives have conjugations...)

Anime Physics! Real-world wigs!

Comedy, and a bit with a dog

As part of guardantares and I trying to get with the habitat-unfuckening, there has also been an attempt to Unfuck Our Culture.

Actually, this has been going on for a while this year--last year was this kind of weird panicked hermity year with pretty much no taking advantage of any of the local stuff, and lots of flailing about. This year, there's been a real focus on getting out and about, doing a bunch of holiday things, etc.

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greeting, worm

Yes, but what about the tights.... errr... pants?

I think that my favorite quote so far from Tor.com's Bowie Week has got to be this one:

"When Gaiman reimagined Lucifer while writing Sandman, he was extremely adamant that the ruler of Hell resemble David Bowie as closely as possible. According to artist Kelley Jones, Gaiman insisted, “You must draw David Bowie. Find David Bowie, or I’ll send you David Bowie. Because if it isn’t David Bowie, you’re going to have to redo it until it is David Bowie.” The artists complied, and the resulting character ranks as the greatest depiction of His Infernal Majesty since Milton (and/or Peter Cooke in Bedazzled), at least for my money."

(there's also a bit later in that same column on an unfinished project between Neil Gaiman and Yoshitaka Amano called "Return of the Thin White Duke," which sounds extremely epic... and who can forget the infamous Sock Puppet Labyrinth, also with Neil Gaiman... really, the whole Gaiman/Bowie thing is the sort of thing that is just going to be amazing no matter what direction(s) it goes in, and it all makes me wonder what kind of crazy/amazing "Labyrinth"/"Mirrormask" fanfic* has been or could be created, and whether the universe as we know it would survive...)

*I'm not really sure if that Halloween storyline from "Roommates" counts or not, although there is no denying the awesome, especially in the reveal page. And yes, I realize that I'm putting a link to the early, early first hints of "Roommates"... but, really, the Halloween storyline is not the best place to start. Not to mention that you miss a lot of awesome by jumping in that late!
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"You scare me."

I have.... about five different actual things that I have to post about, and a whimper-inducing stack of exams to grade (waaaaah), but this has been in my head for about a week, and so I just wanted to toss it out there and hope it goes away.

I am rather ridiculously fond of the movie "Smilla's Sense of Snow"--- I love the cast, the mystery is nicely done (ok, there is a bit of the central premise that is a tad bit... um... well, silly, shall we say, but the story owns the silliness and does cool things with it, so), the heroine is this fantastically smart and damaged woman, the reasons she gets involved in the story make sense for the character, the scenery is beautiful... so, yes, just generally, movie that I really like (and I like it better than the book, largely because of the acting and the visuals).

There is one scene which has been in my head all week, as I said, because it's one of my favorite scenes in the movie. The heroine is determined to track down the bad guys (which in this case means finding a way on to their ship before it leaves on a mysterious expedition). Said bad guys, at this point, have already shown that they are willing to kill to preserve their secrets. The heroine has gotten some assistance from her attractive neighbor, who is a mechanic (totally a mechanic! absolutely! the fact that his fingernails are completely clean and he never seems to go to his garage-- where he is a mechanic!-- has nothing to do with the fact that he is completely in fact a mechanic. And those are totally wrench calluses. Uh-huh).

The neighbor has a friend, who's one of those casino/bar-owner types, knows everybody, involved in all sorts of business of a more or less legal nature. The guy with connections. And he and the heroine have this conversation, which goes more or less like this:

Heroine: I need help to do this incredibly dangerous thing where I'm going to be sneaking onto the ship of people who have made it clear that they are happy to kill to protect their secret.
Friend: Yeah.... I am completely going to help you with that in any way I can. You know why? You scare me. Other women are all talk-- you, I believe. I'm going to help you because if I don't help you, you're going to do it anyway, and get yourself killed, and the guy you insist is not your boyfriend will be VERY UPSET.

And then he does, in fact, proceed to use his connections and influence to get her onto the ship, with an actual "job" that's her reason to be there, and connections she can use. And he smuggles here there in the back (or trunk?) of his car. Hee.

(I am butchering some of the quote; I shall have to watch the movie and get the actual version... just wanted to share the idea of it, because I think it's very cool and the coffee has not kicked in yet, so I'm a bit spacey and easily distracted by shiny objects)