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Practically writes itself into fanfic....

(wow, I really need to make my yearly resolution to, you know, be more present on LJ? Or anywhere?)

While taking a bit of a breather amongst assorted chaoses (yes, I'm pretty sure you can have a plural of chaos....) by watching assorted random Netflix movies, I kept running into a Japanese film in which a nun (okay) who is also a ninja (ummm....) has to infiltrate a religious cult (....because of... reasons?) and gets hit with, and I quote, a "sex spell."



So of course, mind boggled, my brain resorts to a) trying to figure out how the heck that-all would work, plot-wise, and b) more importantly, whether it would be funnier to take potential fanfic in the direction of, "no, no; we TOTALLY have a sex spell, it's one of our most secret essential stealthy tactics," hijinks or "oh, darn it, I've absolutely been hit with a sex spell, yup indeed, however shall we fix that" hijinks.

Either way, hijinks.

(in other news, the Wikipedia discussion of films featuring ninja includes a rather dry note in the section about the sexier sort of ninja films that these films often include bondage elements, but fails to add, "surprising absolutely nobody" to that sentence)
Medieval Lady

AkSENT on the wrong sylLABILL


I have this fantastic multi-episode documentary on the Mogao Caves, which I picked up last summer. They are spectacular, they are super-important for anything having to do with the Silk Road (seriously; you can look at the decorations and see depictions of textiles and carpets which were being traded, and pictures of the different peoples who were trading), they are a major site of Buddhist art, and, frankly, they are just super-cool.
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Medieval Lady

Stor(m)y Weather...

Had on an Epic Film of Epic Epicness this evening, while grading and trying to relax a bit. And when I saw "Epic," I mean in this case Bollywood, which can really pretty much out-epic anything it sets its mind to. In this particular film, the main plot revolves around the fact that the older (adopted) son of a super-rich upper-class Indian family falls madly, crazily in love with a girl from a much lower social background. The lead actor did a fantastic, fantastic job of playing a guy who is utterly twitterpated AND completely knows what he wants and is kind of cheerfully ruthlessly flirty about it. So, that's going to lurk in my head and generate plots, I'm quite sure.

And then... ok, so, obviously, the father flips the heck out over the fact that his son has fallen for a girl who is Not The Right Sort-- and this after a first act full of the father being all about Tradition and Family and Honor and Duty and Arranged Marriages and so on, and quelling his wife whenever she tried to broach the idea that possibly arranging a marriage for their eldest without saying "boo" to him about it first was not a good plan. Thing is? Every time that the father got cranky and started going off about Tradition and Family and So On, there were these ominous rumbles of dramatic thunder in the background.

Which meant, of course, that when he had an enormous and dramatic hissy-fit about the son bringing the girl into the family and started going off about "will she understand our family, will she understand our rites, our rituals, our customs," with thunder rumbling louder in the background, all I could think was, "Son, we're an ancient clan of weather demons! You KNOW that randomly marrying mortal women never goes well for us! Look at your great-uncle!"
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"And monkeys will fly out of my... wait.. that's not right"

So, last night, I got to watch Part One of the new SciFi Channel miniseries, "Tin Man," which is a modernized update of "The Wizard of Oz," with a sci-fi-ish setting, I guess, except that there's still magic and so on. I'd read about it, and was actually intrigued; I love reinterpretations and new takes on fairy tales and folk tales and legends and so on... which, ok, the Oz books aren't exactly fairy or folk tales, but they've become pop culture legend, at least, and that counts. There's enough material to work with, and there have already been lots of adaptations ("The Wiz," and "Wicked," to name just a few).

Here, cut for spoilers, are my impressions:

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