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Medieval Lady

"But this is all I am good for, and, as such, I am damn well going to be bloody good at it"

There's something kind of awesome about a character who is... okay, backing up, he's in something which involves sticking characters from all different fandoms together, and they are all pretty well aware of the meta-whatever, and so on. And he's basically "the guy who tends to get not just stuck in harm's way, but harm's way kinda jumps out at him from dark alleys."*

Annnnnyway, there is something kind of awesome in that character throwing himself cheerfully into harms way and basically saying, "Yeah, I'm the guy who is always going to get stabbed/bitten/stabbed again/thrown off a building/oh, more stabbings?" because that is my role, and you know what? I AM GOING TO OWN THAT AND THROW MYSELF INTO IT WITH CONVICTION!"

*Seriously; there is a reason that a subset of the fandom for that particular work is the "OHNO, JAMES!" club.
greeting, worm

Heaven helps the man who fights his fear...

This song is absolutely positively perfect for.... some character, somewhere, who I can't quiiiite get a proper bead on. You know what I mean? The sort of song that would be a terrific AMV if you could just figure out who it would fit with?

Me: It's not quite Kenshin.

Dragondaughter: He hasn't so much solved his emotional problems as much as he's stopped bleating about them...

Me: Cloud Strife, maybe?

Dragondaughter: No! He has enough great AMVs!

Me: We just re-watched "Baccano,"... which is full of guys who would say "fights his what, now?"... except for Jacuzzi Splot. (yes, really--- and it sounds even weirder in Japanese)

Dragondaughter: Claire Stanfield read about fear in a book once, but he doesn't believe everything he reads. Luck Gandor wouldn't so much "fight" his fear as be smug at it until it got bored and went away. Or possibly he'd encase it in cement and drop it into the Hudson.

Me: Possibly Vincent from "Ergo Proxy"?

Dragondaughter: Ehhh... as much as it's anybody, maybe....

Very cheesy '80s music video aside (all the cool gangsters have nunchuks! Surprisingly clean alleyways! Cops who can't figure out the mysteries of a staircase!), still awesome.

Of course, that is not the best prison break-related music video, which continues to be this one right here.

"And the Wall was clearly built to keep out the werewolves!"

Dear Brain,

I understand that the creative process of bunny-generation requires taking bits and pieces of various influences and playing with them, re-arranging things into a fascinating mosaic which produces an entirely new blah, blah, blah.

Nevertheless, I am compelled to inquire, what the HECK are you doing that apparently involves repeated infusions of Disney's "Mulan" movie, crazy Korean historical costume drama, an exceedingly scornful aristocratic antihero, a heroine and her equally heroine-ish sister, and vampires?

*mutter* Seriously, this is shaping up to be the craziest mess since that time I mentally started playing around with the TV version of "La Femme Nikita" and ended up with a runaway Sidhe princess, a tech-inclined kitsune, a centuries-old vampire with a mad crush on Madelaine, a draconic security system, and a pack of Irish werewolves...
Medieval Lady

Fic: 1; Brain: 0

So, here I am, lost amongst a haze of grading.... which is shorthand for "can be distracted by sparkly lights and random bits of string," really.

And, whilst poking about on LiveJournal, I happened across a quote from what is apparently a Very Angsty Fanfic of Dark Angstiness by the inestimable sekiharatae (who is fantastic across many fandoms).

The quote involved a VERY cranky hero who was angrily snarling about how he would have sex with the heroine, but that night was all she was ever going to get from him-- dark angstiness and OOC-ness from the fact that that's not a scenario that fits with either character, from what I understand.

Short quote, but very powerful, evocative, opening up an entire vista of angst and drama and traumatic emotion and power-games and so on. Which of course means that Collapse )