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Medieval Lady

Strawberries, cherries, and an angel's kiss in Spring...

For quite a while now, lurking in the back of the freezer, waiting to be unleashed, we have had all the strawberries. Well, all the strawberries minus some that were made into a not-entirely-successful strawberry sauce to eat with a Vanilla Dutch Baby.

guardantares, having gone through one of her Righteous Bursts of Freezer-Cleansing Fury, pointed out that I really, really, REALLY needed to do do something with the strawberries, because they were threatening to stage a hostile takeover.

Based on the strawberry sauce episode, and my mother's rather unsuccessful foray into strawberry-cornmeal muffins, I was a bit leery of experimenting with the strawberries... but I completely saw her point. So I decided to find something I could bake and then... take into work! Where other people could eat it! Thus helping to get rid of strawberries and doing something kind of Valentine's-ish for work folks.

I looked around, and finally found a recipe for Strawberry Pecan Quickbread which had the added bonus of using up some of the pecans.

Final verdict? Excellent! And, super-easy. Both loaves went in to work, and were cheerfully devoured. I believe we have a candidate for further strawberry-related baked goods (I was thinking cupcakes, but... um... yeah, you can just throw together a quickbread and people will eat it; you really need to frost cupcakes, and part of the goal here is quick).