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Medieval Lady

Conferencey greetings!

Well, this hotel is in fact walking distance to the conference, it just takes a while. Which, you know, good exercise, the weather will hopefully stay decent for one more day, generally a nice walk down quiet streets, etc. The more expensive hotel I had a reservation at before is, indeed, both nicer and waaaaay closer. And it was still a better idea to find a cheaper hotel, so I don't mind. And the conference hotel itself, aside from being decorated... um... oddly... is just right out in terms of price, for a lot of people, apparently.

Had dinner last night with a friend who is also presenting a paper, and, of course, picked her brains about the whole "commuting" question (which I'm trying to pick as many people's brains about as possible, mostly because I want to make sure that my arguments make sense).

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In other news, I took the time today to accomplish the non-conference things I wanted to get done, including (but not limited to):

1) Strolling around the Old City and taking many photographs while attempting to avoid lurking plotbunnies.

2) Carrying out my clever plan of using a European post office to transfer a payment to a European account-- which was rendered slightly tricky by the post office guy not speaking English, and my French being so full of holes it could be mistaken for a colander.

3) Purchasing postcards. And stamps. Oddly enough, not at the post office, because I really just didn't want to bother the poor guy with another request.

4) Other necessary purchases.