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Hack. Cough. Ack. Bleah.


And thus we have the second holiday in a row where I proceed to get sick immediately before or after. Darn colds.

In addition to that, the Incoming Weather meant that Christmas morning began with Mom saying, "Right! Everybody! We are going to be LEAVING TODAY!!! There will be presents and Christmas dinner and then we are ON THE ROAD!!"

She and Dad had been watching the Weather Channel since Thursday or Friday, concerned about the upcoming Snowpocalypse. They were particularly concerned because they were going to be heading into an area which was supposed to get a lot of snow, and I was heading into an area which might get some snow that stuck, but which would definitely get flurries and rain and so on... and which was twice as far away.

It was actually the right decision-- Dad's sent pictures of the snow they got. Not fun to drive through. And, well, I did have an afternoon of staring out at flurries (no sticking). Not to mention the fact that I am currently Semi-Ded of Cold, and it was nice to just sleep in and stagger downstairs to get myself some chicken soup. Plus-- most importantly, thank you very much-- it meant that the cats had a person back around to cater to their every whim look after them and make sure that they hadn't destroyed the apartment .
Medieval Lady

Festive Beautification-ness

In a festive New Year’s moment, I have painted my fingernails, using one of the fabulous nail polishes d_ragondaughter gave me for Christmas. It’s kind of weird, because I don’t usually paint my fingernails… and this is a gorgeous dark, dark, almost-black purple, so it’s not a subtle color. Keep catching glimpses of it and being surprised. Would, of course, be more elegant if I’d managed to do a proper application job (and d_ragondaughter said that I really needed another coat, plus a topcoat), but as it is, it’s fairly darned spiffy.
Medieval Lady

*Happy Twinkly Lights*

Wee Fish Ewe a Mare Egrets Moose
Wee Fish Ewe a Mare Egrets Moose
Wee Fish Ewe a Mare Egrets Moose

.... Panda Hippo Gnu Deer!

(with apologies to S. Boynton, and wishing I could paste copy of card images into LJ post)

Happy Holidays, everybody!
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Mad Christmas Cackles

Today we had the Annual Ritual Shopping Excursion (more on that later, I hope). Much fun, and the occasional spontaneous translocation sideways into a shoestore when Other Family Types were spotted heading in my direction. Bwa ha ha.

Am currently cackling with mad Christmas-y glee at having gotten the Sekrit Surprize Presents wrapped and under the tree. Yes, indeed. Fifty-five gallon rain barrel included, bwa ha. Which Intrepid Sibling finds almost as amusing as I do. Rigged up a construction with two large boxes from the attic, did a lot of festive draping with red wrapping paper, stuck the familial giant green bow on top, and carefully brought the entire contraption out into the living room. Good thing it's light enough to heft, even with boxes, because it was too wide to fit between the piano and end table, and I'm not sure that the folks would have been able to sleep through rushed moving about of furniture.

Sibster thinks that they won't know what it is. She further suggests that they might believe it to be some kind of outdoor shower arrangement, on account of the spigot.
Medieval Lady

We're not tardy, we're exotic

*looks around shiftily* You know, in Spain, the presents are first exchanged on January 6th, because that's Epiphany, and they feel that the day on which the Three Kings actually brought presents to Jesus is an appropriate day for people in general to bring presents to other people.

I would just like to note that on that schedule, we are doing very well this year with the sending out of packages and presents and things.
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You know, it occured to me this morning, as I was gleefully hiding a 55-gallon rain barrel in the back seat of my grandfather's antique Studebaker and then putting the cover over the car again, leaning the boards against the cover again, and heading inside to go put the sheet I had covering the barrel while it was in the car yesterday into the closet, next to the computer monitor my sister and I got Dad as a Christmas present, which I smuggled into the house yesterday, past the open door of the study where he was working at the computer the monitor is going to be for, before I headed upstairs with various presents so that I could wrap them quickly before Mom and Dad got back from church, all the while pondering whether Kristie and I could go in together on one of the traditional "run around the mall and avoid each other and get secret $5 presents for the rest of the family" and get Mom that new Josh Groban Christmas CD...

... that possibly, just possibly the fact that when I participated in that that "Find your Daemon" Golden Compass promotional meme last summer mine ended up deciding it wanted to be a spider was indeed way more accurate than if I had ended up with something cuter and fuzzier.