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Blergh, blergh, blergh

The thing about donating platelets is that I apparently have to discount the rest of the day, and just assume I'm going to be a slug. A slug that provides a nice warm lap for cats. Which, cats assure me, is a very important and necessary task.

(as long as I also periodically get up to feed cats, of course)

Cat: What are you doing on the computer? Why are you not petting cats? *pokey biscuits*
Medieval Lady

Hack. Cough. Ack. Bleah.


And thus we have the second holiday in a row where I proceed to get sick immediately before or after. Darn colds.

In addition to that, the Incoming Weather meant that Christmas morning began with Mom saying, "Right! Everybody! We are going to be LEAVING TODAY!!! There will be presents and Christmas dinner and then we are ON THE ROAD!!"

She and Dad had been watching the Weather Channel since Thursday or Friday, concerned about the upcoming Snowpocalypse. They were particularly concerned because they were going to be heading into an area which was supposed to get a lot of snow, and I was heading into an area which might get some snow that stuck, but which would definitely get flurries and rain and so on... and which was twice as far away.

It was actually the right decision-- Dad's sent pictures of the snow they got. Not fun to drive through. And, well, I did have an afternoon of staring out at flurries (no sticking). Not to mention the fact that I am currently Semi-Ded of Cold, and it was nice to just sleep in and stagger downstairs to get myself some chicken soup. Plus-- most importantly, thank you very much-- it meant that the cats had a person back around to cater to their every whim look after them and make sure that they hadn't destroyed the apartment .

Pitter-patter of tiny fluffy feet

The cats, who were Not At All Amused by the long car ride to the new place, have now moved past the stage of being slightly nervous about the new place, and content to sniff all of the furniture (which is from the old place), and the boxes (which are even better when they are open and cats can jump into them), and so on.

This means that they are now in the stage where they feel comfortable getting down to SRS EXPLORINZ.

Which means that, whenever I am home, I have to keep an ear out for things like this...

Me: *typetype*
Upstairs: *nudge?*
Me: *type.... type....*
Upstairs: *nuuuudge*
Me: *gets up*
Me: *dashes upstairs*
Innocent Kitten: Ohai! Look, there is mysteriously food on the floor, underneath where you put that bowl of food up on the counter earlier today!
Me: *sigh*
Innocent Kitten: *sparkles* Look, I am helping you clean up the food! *nom*
Me: *sighs and gets vacuum cleaner*
Vacuum cleaner: *LOUD HORRIBLE NOISE*
Innocent Kitten: Ack no faaaair! *flees*

Or, of course...

Me: *cleanclean*
Kitchen: *pitter*
Me: *stops*
Kitchen: *patter? bat?*
Me: ...riiiiight. *goes out to kitchen*
Kitten on the counter: Ohai! Look, you have a counter!
Me: Which is not for kittens.
Kitten: *sigh* Fiiiine.
Me: *notices suspicious white fluff-shaped patch next to toaster oven* Ahem.
Other Kitten: Oh. Hai. How are you? *attempts to blend in with white surface of bread machine*
Me: You know, if I can spot a black cat in here, you are not going to be as invisible as you're pretending.

(five minutes later, I had to fetch one down from the top of the (inactive) stove... apparently had either never read Mark Twain's declaration about cats and stovetops, or was getting the second part of the phrase out of the way)


Ok, guys, we are down to the wire-- and it is very close. Nutter can still win, but only if everybody goes and votes! *cheers!!!* It is pretty much a super-close race between the two top contestants, one of whom is Nutter. We still have until tomorrow at midnight to help out!

Read the THRILLING SAGA!!!! See adorable pictures!!... and learn why every vote counts!!!

Go and vote!!!

(yes, I may well be exceeding the limit of allowable exclamation points... but they are sincere!!!)

Vote for Nutter!!!!

Hi, everybody!

If you happen to also read evilpuppy and/or quoth_the_ravyn's journals, then you know that evilpuppy's adorable cat Nutter has made it to the finals of the CW "The Bay Area's Top Pet 2010" competition. This is awesome! *cheers!*

But, evilpuppy still needs as many people to go vote for Nutter as possible... and I am hoping to help spread the word.

Winning the prize would be HUGE; it would be really meaningful, tangible support for Nutter and his brother Knight (who are both ridiculously cute, btw). As she says,

"Seriously, I can't begin to say how much having a year's supply of food would help our finances, and the shopping money would mean we could get the boys some of the things we've been holding off on because we can't afford them. You guys have been SO AWESOME in voting so far and I think we can totally win it with everyone's support! Remember you can vote ONCE A DAY! So please don't forget to pop over to the site and help Nutter win!"

I would like to add my voice to hers and encourage everybody to go and vote for Nutter!!! It doesn't take much time or effort; you can vote every day, and go over to evilpuppy's journal to check out special bonus Nutter photos (heck, they may even persuade you to go vote).

The main context website is here; you can click over to "cats" and then pick "Nutter is ready for his close-up."

The Bay Area's Top Pet 2010 Contest

Medieval Lady

Feline Follies

The cats have decided that the way to stop me from cruelly abandoning them by daring to leave the apartment for any length of time is to sit on me.

And then they go curl up and nap, because all that keeping me pinned down is Very Hard Work.
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1) Home from weekend visit to D.C. Cats have deigned to forgive us our egregious absence, but are keeping a sharp eye to make sure we don't try to pull this again.

2) Weekend was, by and large, fantastic.

3) Notable exception: the newly-renovated-revised-reconceptualicated Museum of American History. Argh. Weird echoey space, annoying glass (?) stairs, general vibe of "futuristic modern interior," which was oddly out of place... AND they took away the old-fashioned soda shop! *sniffle* Which was one of my favorite aspects of my very first visit to D.C., lo those many years ago-- all carved dark wood and marble counters and swivel seats and so on. *sigh*

4) Weather was decent, with intervals of rain. Very obviously moving into autumn, which is a time I am fond of (fonder of than, say, hot and humid).

5) Going to go fall over; after that, must devote concentrated intellectual effort to Very Very Important Application, which is this week's primary project.
greeting, worm

Opinion: Expressed

Today, Intrepid Roommate's mother called.

Phone: *ringring!*
Intrepid Roommate: *answer* Oh. Hi, mom.

Grey Cat: *walks past conversation, throws up on carpet*

Me: *sotto voce* Good kitty.
Medieval Lady


This morning, I had a tuxedo cat sleeping happily on my lap in the living room-- a living room which was full of other snoozing kitties.

All of a sudden, a squirrel leaped up onto the windowsill. Just kind of saying, "Hi! I am a squirrel!" Not stressed about anything, very casual. I, of course, was expecting the cats to freak out, because, well, SQUIRREL! AT THE WINDOW!!!!

They, of course, kept sleeping.

Squirrel: Hello?
Cats: *vague sleepy interest in the direction of the window, maybe, possibly*

And then, the squirrel, who was apparently not satisfied with his or her reception, knocked on the window. Tiny squirrel paw. Knocking on the window.

Squirrel: Hello? Hellooooooo? Ok, fine...*knock-knock*
Me: Yes, yes, you are all very observant felines.

There were instantly three cats, over at the window, fascinated by the squirrel. Who, frankly, was not at all flustered by the audience, and was perfectly content to hang out on the windowsill until it decided it had other squirrel business to attend to.

Whether the weather is good...

Hmmm... the weather today has been heavy. Pressure before the storm, all eyes on the weather map, tracking the lines and colors, heavy. Earlier today, when I went to buy groceries, it was raining, a little, just enough to remind everybody to pick up milk and bread and bottled water and batteries. And, of course, catfood. Can't forget the catfood. The heaviness in the weather seems to have made the cats very, very sleepy; various-sized puddles of fur are draped on the furniture and the floor. But they'll wake up when somebody heads towards the kitchen.

It stopped for a couple of hours, while e-mails kept popping up, reminding everybody of emergency procedures and telling them that the outdoor furniture had been taken in, but the football game was still on. We'll see how that works out.

Now it's raining again, very lightly (two cats stick their heads outside, sniffing and Not Entirely Sure about all this wet the outside seems to be full of). Scheduled to get heavier tonight. A fair bit heavier, if the latest map projections are correct (the official word is that things are tracking further westwards than they'd anticipated). And then Hanna will head on up northwards, visiting the folks and sibling at some point later in the week.

I remember getting the tail ends of hurricanes growing up; we were too far north and too far west to ever get the full brunt of anything. Last time one came through here, I wasn't in this apartment, although I was in a part of town which loses power almost as easily.

Anyway, am hoping that it will not be a terribly bad weekend, weather-wise, and am glad that at least we have flashlights and good books and Scrabble and chocolate. *grins*