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Medieval Lady

Step one: remove glasses; step two: shake out hair; step three: PROFIT!

I heard this song on the radio a couple of times. The first time was that thing where you hear the second half of the song, and you're figuring it out and hoping that you can hear the full thing, and you have no idea who is singing it.

I have to say, when I learned who was singing it, I was appropriately surprised (I, um, kind of missed the great boy band trend of 19-whatever-it-was...).

But, anyway, hearing the lyrics, I kind of had this picture of the video in my head, you know, assuming that it would be a video that tells a story of some sort. The story, frankly, seemed pretty obvious-- but that was okay, because that storyline is one that I find fun, when it's done well.

Somehow? I was completely right and yet absolutely, totally wrong in a fairly fabulous way.

(seriously; how often is this type of story done as "it's 100% attitude, and it's entirely about owning that attitude and pretty much rocking it" rather than "new hair, lose weight, new clothes, make-up, high heels...")
Medieval Lady

Still more Kenshin awesomeness!

(courtesy of lonegamer78, who finds the most excellent things...)
The new expanded trailer for Rurouni Kenshin!!

(also, apparently the blond is not in fact Enishi; she says that according to the Japanese Warner Bros site, it is in fact Gein. I... have no idea why or how or why, unless he is trying out that Enishi puppet that the boss never lets him use...)
Medieval Lady

Fantastic Soviet Book Art

I love great book art (I would go out and buy "The Unspoken" RIGHT NOW just because that is one of the most amazing covers I've seen in ages... and also because the author does a brilliant and hysterical blog).

So, I was very excited about this before clicking, and then very giddy about the art once I had clicekd:

Book illustrations from The Soviet version of "The Hobbit"

Distinctive style; very subtly different from Western/American illustrations, and a very different take on the characters in some ways. However, I really think it works-- and I think that the black-and-white is completely correct, and adds to the impact.

*sigh* This is the sort of thing that makes me wish I were better at translating things into art, really.
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"Oh, it's real. Very. Very. Real"


Joss Whedon is really for real adapting "Much Ado About Nothing"!!!

(I am SO psyched for this!*)

*Slightly higher level of psyched might exist if N. Fillion was playing Benedick, but, I love the fact that he's playing another character (Dogsbody! Awesome!), and not sticking to "snarky romantic lead" type, you know?