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Fantastic Soviet Book Art

I love great book art (I would go out and buy "The Unspoken" RIGHT NOW just because that is one of the most amazing covers I've seen in ages... and also because the author does a brilliant and hysterical blog).

So, I was very excited about this before clicking, and then very giddy about the art once I had clicekd:

Book illustrations from The Soviet version of "The Hobbit"

Distinctive style; very subtly different from Western/American illustrations, and a very different take on the characters in some ways. However, I really think it works-- and I think that the black-and-white is completely correct, and adds to the impact.

*sigh* This is the sort of thing that makes me wish I were better at translating things into art, really.
Medieval Lady

AkSENT on the wrong sylLABILL


I have this fantastic multi-episode documentary on the Mogao Caves, which I picked up last summer. They are spectacular, they are super-important for anything having to do with the Silk Road (seriously; you can look at the decorations and see depictions of textiles and carpets which were being traded, and pictures of the different peoples who were trading), they are a major site of Buddhist art, and, frankly, they are just super-cool.
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