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Must not smack (fan)fictional characters....

There is something very cool about a brilliant fanfic which does amazing things with an already-excellent story and transforms it in really interesting ways that add to the world-building and make the whole thing much more complex and interesting-- and often more realistic in ways that are disturbing, since they deal with the fallout of war and problems of relationships across cultures in a way that the original source material didn't, and probably couldn't at some level.

On the other hand, it's really disconcerting to see characters I know and am very fond of from the original behaving in ways that make me want to whack them repeatedly about the head with a brick for being incredibly idiotic in ways that, while they make sense in terms of the cultural stuff the author has set up in the text, are amazingly, breath-takingly short-sighted and stupid, and showing an almost complete inability to learn anything about anything no matter what actually happens.


Seriously, I do not at this point know HOW one character in particular is going to get past their issues, because they are being written as so incapable of thinking outside of their own cultural prejudices and personal trauma-- and I can't tell if that's being extremely realistic about how difficult it would be to get past those two things, or if it's something the author is doing to ramp up conflicts and problems. Or both. Could be both. Thing is, it just reads as this same character jumping to the same conclusions every single time, no matter HOW many times it's proven to be wrong, or misreading the situation, or whatever. I swear; it is worse than those Old Skool Harlequin romance novels where the idiot protagonist hero basically assumed that anything and everything that happened anywhere automatically meant that the (virginal, natch) heroine was obviously a Complete Harlot.
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I would say I could never get the hang of Thursdays, but.....

This day, I cannot even tell you.

It was my first day back to work after a couple of days out due to one of the horrible creeping-crud-unidentified viruses going around. So, you know, a fair amount of "ack, halp, reschedule!" all over the place.

I was, however, VERY proud of myself, because I got up early and managed to get a nice smoky bean and beef chili into the slow cooker (chipotle peppers, mmmm....) before heading out to catch the bus.

.... of course, when I finally made it home, Intrepid Roommates informed me that I had neglected to plug in said slow cooker.

She had turned it up on high once she got home, but we were both a leeeeeeeettle bit uneasy....

Me: I'm .... just gonna call my mother. Hi, Mom? Is this the Virginia Cooking Hotline, food safety division? Uh-huh. Well, see... uh-huh. Uh-huh. Okay, then?
d_ragondaughter: What's the verdict.
Me: We've basically ended up with the Death Stew of Deadly Death in there.

Did I mention the part where the traffic was completely nightmarish due to an 18-wheeler running into a highway sign, thereby shutting down one of the main commuting highways for ALL of rush hour? Took her two hours to drive what normally takes 20 minutes; the bus ride was insane (not even counting the bit where I caught a bus that then proceeded to sit there for fifteen minutes due to...scheduling, I guess? I don't even know).

Considering that her day started out by falling down the stairs, I'm thinking this day overall is just fired. Possibly out of a canon.
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Stop Mississippi Amendment 26!

Signal-boosting, because this needs attention and... well, frankly, it needs to be stopped.

Due to the efforts of an organization called "Personhood USA" (yes, really), this November Mississippi will be voting on an amendment to the state constitution which states:

"The term 'person' or 'persons' shall include every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning or the functional equivalent thereof." This initiative shall not require any additional revenue for implementation.” (italics added)

Seriously? "Moment of fertilization"? So.... if you and your husband undergo in vitro fertilization, what are you supposed to do with the extra fertilized embryos, which are now constitutionally-protected "persons"? What about women who miscarry? Can they be subject to criminal charges? What about the morning-after pill-- which prevents a (hypothetical) fertilized embryo from implanting itself into the uterine wall? Is that manslaughter?

Regardless of what you think about abortion, this amendment is really terrifying in terms of scope, and what it would mean for women's control over their own bodies (yes, when you are pregnant, you have to think about eating for two, how what you do will affect the fetus, etc.-- but that's not the same thing as saying "the moment the sperm shows up, that cluster of cells has the same rights that you do, and you're going to be subordinate to that").

Longer discussions, and links to petition sites:

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Gah. I really, really hate applying for jobs. Aside from the panic, and the many memories of long years of parental job-searching (which is a WHOLE other kettle of unemployment-shaped sea critters), and the panic, it's just a horrifically annoying process.

Today, we had a good news/bad news situation regarding a job I would really, really, REALLY love to get, but which is one of those "even in a good year, sixty-kazillion people are scrabbling to get this post... and did we mention, this is a wretched year?" kinds of things. So. Right. Good news? I can actually get the paper part of the application out on Sunday, officially sent Monday, in spite of Sunday being the postmark deadline. That definitely takes some stress off, because I was looking at actual post office/Fed Ex hours and calculating that I had to get everything done today (not cool). The important thing is to get the electronic portion of the application submitted. Much easier, basic form.

Bad news? I double-checked the electronic portion, and found two truly stupid typos, in which I mis-spelled the names of two of the people who are sending letters of recommendation for me.

Brilliant. Way to impress the hiring committee, there, JD. Fortunately, I sent an e-mail to one of the admin assistant-type folks, sheepishly noting my error. But... yeah, not a good start to being a superlative candidate.

(and this isn't even getting into the nerve-wrackingness of the fact that one of the courses I'm expressing interest in as part of the "please explain why we want you for these specific courses" section has no description and no selected texts.... so I'm just gonna have to say, "Erm.. this title sounds fascinating!" *headdesk*)