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Medieval Lady

Ack! Halp! Flaaaaail!

So, yesterday, I finally buckled down and booked the moving truck (for the moving), and was poking at people to actually load and unload and trying to figure out number of people, number of hours, etc., etc.

And then, after a grocery-store run ("EEE! TRADER JOE'S IS DOING INVENTORY! GRAB THE EMPTY BOXES! GRAB THE EMPTY BOXES!!"), I came home to an e-mail and some urgent messages from the 'rents. Who I then called.

Fortunately, Mom had put in a moving-related subject line, so I knew it wasn't anything wrong with the nephlet. Except then I was worried about the move.

And, indeed, it turned out that the company has asked Dad to go back to Mobile again, asap, for an unspecified but probably pretty significant amount of time to deal with the massive ongoing clusterfuck set of problems he's been down there to try to fix repeatedly over the past several months. Which means that first of all, Mom and Dad are driving up to Boston to see the baby this weekend (!), and second of all that Dad asked if there was an alternative to his plan of driving the rental truck for the move... he emphasized that if there was not an alternative, he would schedule Mobile around it, but... yeah; I'm not going to ask him to do that, and it was pretty clear that it was going to be difficult-to-impossible. He specifically wondered if I could leave the other arrangements as-is and hire a driver, and in fact later suggested via e-mail that one of the company drivers could be engaged to do the driving (I suspect that his condition for the immediate deployment to Mobile is that the company will do whatever needs doing re: the move, to make sure I am not left in the lurch... or having to, you know, drive a 24' truck on my own for 300+ miles).

Thereupon followed some serious number-crunching on my part (have I mentioned that the entire process of moving is wretched and annoying and involves talking to too many strangers who want to sell me things?). And it turned out that once you hit a certain amount of "I'm hiring people to load the truck, and I'm hiring the truck, and I'm paying for gas, and I'm hiring somebody to drive the truck, and I'm hiring people to unload the truck,".... yeah, it makes more sense and is (at least in theory) WAY LESS STRESSFUL to just hire a full-service moving company.

Which, again, means talking to too many strangers who want to sell me things. But, fortunately, I had been getting full-service quotes earlier, and had a rough idea of how that would go. I got an updated "now with way more boxes" quote from somebody I had worked with before, and a second quote from a new person, and then had to figure out what to do... because the first quote was higher, but based on what I think is a more realistic estimate of the weight involved (normal people move boxes full of, say, lampshades, and blankets, and glasses.... I have boxes of books. And more books. And then some boxes of books). And the one thing I really want to avoid is having to suddenly cough up more money at the last minute in order to get my stuff-- I mean, there aren't supposed to be penalties, other than "pay this much more per pound," but I still feel more comfortable going with a larger original estimate (there will be a refund if it turns out to be less weight).

And, if it goes over the amount that the new job is reimbursing me for (which, with a full-service move, I fully expect it to), then the company will chip in (see above re, conditions for an immediate heading to Mobile to fix things, disrupting all previous plans). This is, needless to say, a Great Relief.

Right. Well. Hope that this all works out? Now that there are actual plans and schedules and numbers and all of that, and the main thing is to actually get all of this stuff into boxes. *ackity-packity flail...*
Medieval Lady

"Yes, I would like a floor"

The thing about trying to find a new apartment in a completely new area when you are not yet there? When you see something you like, you can't immediately rush and go see it.

This apartment search, which has been going on for... probably two weeks now, and it will be another week before I can actually be there in person. This is not the longest it's been between starting a search and looking at places in person, but for some reason this time is much more vexing.

Well, actually, I pretty much know the reason-- it's because I've blissfully forgotten how nuts it made me last time Intrepid Roommate and I are trying to possibly maybe rent a house rather than an apartment (spurred on by the daily doses of music, crying baby, television, and assorted other noises we regularly hear through the living room wall, as well as the idiot children who run around behind our block of apartments), and also because there's a larger geographical area to try to work with.

So far, I've run into several Craigs' List rental scams ("Hi! I'm renting this apartment because I just got a job in Malaysia/London/West Africa, where I am working/doing fundamentalist missionary work/setting up a company to work in the petroleum fields. My wife [it's always the wife, btw] persuaded me to rent to somebody who would love our house the way we do rather than selling. Unfortunately, the keys are with me here in Malaysia/London/West Africa, so there's no way to see the inside of the house until the papers are signed and I send them to you...."), a bunch of places which will allow "one small pet," and more real estate agents than you can shake a stick at.

And I find myself faced with several dilemmas. For example: if an apartment looks fantastic and has lots of charm, does that make up for the lack of a washer-dryer hookup (after years with an in-house washer and dryer, the thought of having to plan everything around laundromats and quarter-saving is very annoying)? if an apartment has a fantastic layout and exactly the sorts of space we need, is it worth having to share a bathroom? how much is it worth to be in a great, central location, when housing farther away can be significantly cheaper?

And, of course, the Big Question-- if there's something that looks great, but I know it could be snatched up within the next week, is it worth trying to snap it up before then, even though I can't go see it in person?