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It's all in the reflexes

Hmm... I think that I may have figured out the reason for having Random Blond (additional?) Gein as one of the opponents in what I'm fairly sure is Kanryuu's mansion. If the RK movie is going from "You are carrying a sword! Clearly you must be Battousai!" "Sessha wa... okay, yes, fine" to Sano to Jineh to Megumi to Gatling guns to Saitou... yeah, you don't really have time to include "And now we will spend twenty very talky minutes on each Oniwabanshu member, with extra time for Aoshi to explain that he has mad kodachi skills."

On the other hand, you do need fight scenes leading up to the Gatling gun, and you need somebody to be able to kidnap Megumi. Ergo, Gein. And apparently Camo Guy from the Jinchuu Arc as well.

(on a not-unrelated note, I shall be VERY CRANKY if they go the route the manga went and have Kenshin and Sano take Yahiko with them to rescue Megumi, while Kaoru stays behind to heat up the furo and make a complete muck of dinner. Seriouly; the kid has had maybe a month, tops, of kendo instruction at that point; it's the worst example in the entire manga of Watsuki-sensei utterly screwing up the characterization in order to have his author-expy character get to go do cool stuff. The anime fixed it, so hopefully the movie will go with the version that actually makes sense. /soapbox)

The "crazy" in this case is short for "awesome"

They.... made a set of "Hakuouki" little omiyage where they have transposed the Bakumatsu-era cast to present-day high school.



It is, naturally, both ridiculous and completely awesome.

Chizuru, of course, is the only girl in the school. Because of reasons.

Student Body President Kazama: This week, we need to get ready for the Spring Dance!
Everybody: EIIIAAA? Since when?
Kazama: Well, I just made it up.
Shiranui: But... we can't have a dance! I don't want to dance with boys!
Kazama: I have no intention of dancing with a boy.
Chizuru: EIIIA?

Hijikata is the discipline-obsessed... hall monitor, or something, I think?

Harada: Sorry; bit late!
Kondou: Oh... sorry... feeling a bit out of shape!
Harada: *looks slightly sheepish*
Hijikata: *mutters and puts up list of prohibitions* WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE TEACHERS?
Saitou: *adds "No yelling in the hallway" to the list. Hijikata-san, the students have been complaining...

Also, every time Hijikata looks flummoxed, Okita turns up and snaps a picture with his cellphone. Because of course he does.

(So, to recount: they have taken a Bakumatsu-era show which focuses a lot on both the conflict and demons and romantic rivalry, and have put that-- except for possibly the demons-- into present-day high school. Because this show is apparently determined to take all of my narrative/fiction buttons and jump up and down on them. Or the universe is trying to tell me to get back to the high school demons already...)
Medieval Lady

"I can see your feelings!" " No you can't; you're blind and I don't have any!"

Dear Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi...

Whyyyyyyy are you so booooooring....? Seriously; Bones is an awesome studio! You are an anime with a demon-fighting office being established ten years before Cmdr. Perry shows up, right at the end of the Tokugawa period, when there is fascinating urban cultural stuff and seething political and social issues, and a main character who has the power to pull the "true name" of things out in the form of kanji which he can then manipulate into big damn axes assorted weapons and HOW CAN YOU BE MAKING THIS SOOOOOO DUUULLLLLL...

In addition, cheerfully claiming that the second mission of Japanese Christians to the West, the one that actually did in fact go through Mexico, resulted in a "lost colony" of Mexican-Japanese samurai living in Texas and carrying on the sacred traditions of bushido counts as using your historical powers for evil. Stop that.
Medieval Lady

Good thing it's pretty, 'cause it ain't too bright....

Ever since I heard that Studio Ghibli was doing a Tales of Earthsea movie, I have been really, really excited about it. I lamented the fact that I couldn't get to see it on the big screen, and gazed wistfully at the posters on Amazon and wondered whether I should try to get the DVD or not.

And then, when I was in one of the local branch libraries last week, I saw the DVD! Yay! Much rejoicing.

And so, having saved Friday night for Earthsea and pizza, I present a very, very spoilerish discussion Collapse )

Life in plastic; it's fantastic... (and bendy!)

On the one hand, it's fantastic that there continues to be so much cool new "Ruruoni Kenshin" stuff out there-- the Blu-Ray DVD of "Trust and Betrayal" is spectacularly pretty-looking (and, according to Wombat's first impressions, it looks great and has a booklet full of useful information and pretty pictures...well, the booklet is in Japanese, but there's also a booklet which is a translation of the booklet...).

I am ambivalent about the movie being in Blu-Ray (ok, look; I don't have Blu-Ray, I am trying to avoid the temptation; I know that it's supposed to be ultra-amazing in many ways that would be VERY TEMPTING.... but I don't honestly remember the movie being so fantastic, visually, that Blu-Ray would really make it substantially more amazing/clearer. OTOH, it may just be that I haven't seen it in a while, and the fact that it has basically one cool fight flashback which it then repeats over and over and over again kind of annoys me, which would not be solved by having it be both annoyingly repetitive and better-looking). I want to set all copies of "Reflection" on fire and then smash them with hammers-- there is no degree of pretty that is going to fix the degree of oft-incoherent stupid there.

Upcoming Weaseltastic "reboot"? Um. Yeah. Still kinda boggled, there.

And then today I ran across this upcoming addition to the RK product line...

(With special action lounging pose!)

Now, of course, since this is Kenshin, and Kenshin is all about his past self being different from his present self, there is also another figure

(Never fear, the amazing action gi will leap in and save you!)

I'm not linking the other in-detail image directly, because, um... the hands are disturbing. Just... yeah. As are the faces, frankly.

(Also: what are you supposed to do, have them engage in epic pose-offs with each other?)