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I... have just double-checked the exam schedule for the Fall semester, and every one of the three classes I have this semester is scheduled for the last day of exams.

Every. Single. One.

Wednesday morning? Written exam, with additional take-home component due at the same time. Wednesday afternoon? Written exam. Wednesday evening? That is when the final paper for the third class is scheduled to be due, since that is when the official exam space for that class is.

Why, you ask, is this important?

Weeelllll... the final grades for the semester are due that Friday. At noon.

Every. Single. One.

kidding, Ryuuki

Drip.... drip.... drip....

Gaah. So, the first part of the week was mostly rain. Which was not unexpected; we were scheduled for rain, but... this was quite a lot of rain.

And tonight, after a completely sunny day, I was sitting in the living room when I heard a "plonk... plonk..." sound, from what seemed to be the stairwell. Which was odd. And did not seem to sound like a cat-related noise (which is more of a "whee, I am poking the carpet!" noise) And then it kept going. Ptolmey (the stripey cat) went up the stairs, curious, to see what was making the funny noise, and then gave me an "ACK OHNOES!!" look, because something had dripped on his head!!.

Yes, indeed. We have a ceiling... well, a leak, I guess... there's a damp outline, and then a damp patch, in the middle of which there's what is clearly a hand-sized paint blister full of water, which is dripping. Over the stairs. Which means that there is a roof problem (not a plumbing problem), and also that I don't want to know what the attic looks like (I rather don't want to know anyway).

Called the landlady; she is going to get someone over here first thing tomorrow (and we have a bucket and towels on the stair). Hopefully, the problem will not worsen. Hopefully, the fact that it's a roof issue means that it isn't on the renters to pay to fix it.

Dragonsdaughter notes that this is the third apartment where there have been water and/or plumbing problems, and that we clearly need to have a little less shui in with the feng. Or possibly figure out how to attract dry rather than wet. *sigh*

ETA: Apparently, it was just that the AC had gotten clogged, and the pan had overflowed. So, fortunately, not roof... well, mostly; the splotch in Dragonsdaughter's room is still a roof issue, and the HOA has been informed. Fixing the other problem (which looks remarkably better; the amazing paint blister just dried right back up, with only a small wrinkle and a little discoloration) involved the landlady and her husband getting up into the attic with a pipe-snake-type thing and a shopvac. We helped out by providing ladder support and bucket-carrying. Had a much easier job than they did; it was HOT up in there.

So, hopefully that is now fixed. They aren't going to paint the ceiling, because it's not very visible, minor staining, reeeeaaaallly high up and hard to get to.... and also, Dragonsdaughter and I seriously do not care. They can paint it when we move out, and that is fine with us. Low-maintenance tenants, yup indeed.
greeting, worm

Five Things Make a Post


This is going to be amazingly cool; I know that... but.. um.. China! Two weeks! Somehow, this was easier to handle when it was a month away... two months away... not something where I'm legitimately panicking about everything I have to get done before CHINA. I have my visa (it has the Great Wall on it. I should not find this so amusing), I have my plane ticket, I have to make a list of things I actually need to go out and purchase before the trip.

2) Ok, so, summer class, so far, not a disaster, I think.

Yeah; I honestly can't tell. I mean, there weren't massive numbers of students dropping after the first meeting, so that's good? I'm trying to get them out of the classroom as often as possible so that I don't have to lecture they can really learn about what else is on campus and other interesting places around town ("Here, have a museum!"). But, dang, this abbreviated intense schedule is very intense. And I still don't have an accurate assessment of what the students don't know-- that is, what I can expect them to get and what they haven't ever encountered, because I suspect that I tend to assume they know things that they don't actually know, you know?

3) Anybody know if holy water works against ants?

I was so happy to be in an apartment where we didn't have to worry about a constant stream of ants coming in at the kitchen window.... and now we have a constant stream of ants coming in every other fool place. They've gotten into the wall between the porch and the kitchen, and are thus doing fun things like coming in where there's no baseboard... or where the joining caulk between the counter and backsplash has shrunk... or from a tiny hole where the walls and ceiling meet in the corner.... or from out of an electrical socket... *headdesk*. Heroic Roommate heroically cleaned the kitchen when she realized that they were getting into the cupboard, and we have now placed ant bait up in non-cat-accessible areas (the main reason for not doing that previously was because the ants were coming in at floor level, and putting the ant poison next to the cat food area = not of the good).

4) Two weeks of intense tech-related training has left me very tired, but with lots of good ideas about things to use in class. Here's hoping that they work!

5) See item 1.

Polish your sink for Jesus!

About a week and a half ago, when I was talking with my mother, she mentioned that a friend of hers had been visiting, and had brought this great book with useful tips for cleaning and keeping the house clean and so on.

Mom: I bought a copy for myself, and I bought you a copy for you for your birthday! It's got some very useful stuff.
Me: Ok...
Mom: Just... don't read the introduction or the acknowledgements, they're a bit... well, anyway, it's got some good and useful stuff.
Me: Okaaaay....

d_ragondaughter: This isn't that crazy lady with the sink-polishing and the blue fairy wings, is it?
Me: I... don't know?

The book arrived this week, and it is, indeed, the crazy lady with the sink-polishing and the shoe-wearing and the blue fairy wings. And. Um. Yes. A system. For cleaning. Which actually DOES have useful advice and a good perspective on doing a bit at a time, not getting overwhelmed, and not getting caught up in the idea that things have to be "perfect." Except...

d_ragondaughter: So, how is it?

Me: Erm. Full of useful cleaning tips, and hetero-normative married-people Judeo-Christianity?

Seriously; in the vacation chapter, on the packing list, under entertainment... the first item is "Book (Bible, fiction, etc.)" And God makes constant inspirational and life-steering appearances as this woman engages in daily routines cleaning blessing (yes, really) her home. And, aside from ONE chapter where the author kind of waves at the fact that a husband might also want to clean and inspire his wife, the whole book is SO oriented towards women who are (of course) married and (of course) have children and who want to take responsibility for making their home a happy, loving, clean, inspiring place that will make their family happy that it's really, really incredibly off-putting for somebody who isn't married, isn't planning on being married, and doesn't want to have children (and, yes, I realize that I'm coming at this from the perspective of somebody who works with both religion and gender issues, and thus is very sensitve to them....).*

Now d_ragondaughter, having spent the past ten minutes in hysterics over the intro/acknowledgements (Her: HA HA HA! *reads outloud* HA HA!; Me: I TOLD you not to read those bits), is now realizing why I also told her not to read the True Letters from Fans.

*There is one-- ONE-- reference to being single (and, presumably, still female)... in the section about cleaning the bedroom, the author waxes rhapsodic about the bedroom being the heart of the home... because it is where your children were conceived and where you love your husband... and, oh yes, if you're single, it's where you curl up at night with a good book before going to sleep. *headdesk*
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