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Buh... wait, what?

This is apparently the week of movie-related "Huh?"

Seriously; it's the one week where my folks and I get together, relax, watch movies of an evening. And so far, this year? Wackiness abounds.

First, of course, there was the "Rocks Kinda Lay There, Everyone Dies" movie. Then Mom picked "The Proposal," which was actually kind of cute-- "love and a bit with a dog"-style romcom. Amusing gender inversion of the "boss forces secretary into marriage" trope seen in practically every other Harlequin Presents novel of the 1980s, and there's nothing wrong with that (nothing wrong with the original formula, either, when done well-- and by "well" I mean when the heroine isn't TSTL and the hero doesn't completely have his head stuck up his... um... sense of entitlement and virgin/whore complex).

Then there was something else I will blog about later, because it deserves a post of its very, very own. And I re-watched "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider," because I wanted something stupid where stuff blows up real good... except that there was more stupid and fewer explosions than I had remembered, and it was thus disappointing on both levels(and made me want to watch "The Myth," which is pretty much unabashed Jackie Chan silliness and flashbacks to Ancient China).

And then the next two films. Dad picked the most recent "Star Trek"; Mom picked a romcom called "Then She Found Me." And... um.... well.....Collapse )
Medieval Lady

Thirty seconds in and NINJA!!!

So.... since I seem to be in some kind of "I WANT THINGS WITH PRETTY COSTUMES" phase, film-wise.... with possibly more of a tendency towards Asian-inflected, I was looking through the library to try to find films to watch over break. And, being also fond of Shakespeare, I thought, "Hey, here is the Brannagh "As You Like It," and the posters for that looked very pretty, and, well, heck, Shakespearean comedy set in 19th century Japan could be all kinds of interesting!"

I mean, I was having images of fantastic outfits, and, well, if the heroine is in disguise as a boy, that could totally work with a hakama and gi, right?

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