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greeting, worm

"Your second mistake was that you forgot who you have to kneel to"

Ok, guys? Seriously, if you are not watching "Grimm," you need to get yourselves over to Hulu or your source of choice and check it out. It is almost entirely fantastic*, with moments of sheer bloody awesome (sometimes the "bloody" is more literal than other times), including a scene last night that resulted in massive squee-noises, hyperventilating, and repeated viewings just because it was THAT COOL.

The premise is that Our Hero (a detective in the lovely and lushily-filmed city of Portland, wow) finds out that he is actually a "Grimm"-- that is, a person who has the ability to see various (often hostile) supernatural creatures in their true form-- which means that he has a responsibility to stop them if necessary (why, yes, some of the folks working on this show DID work on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"; why do you ask?). It does really fun things with "traditional" fairy-tale ideas and folklore, but isn't slavishly dependent on it. The world-building, so far, is doing nicely complicated things (or at least setting them up), with longer-running story arcs mixed with monster-of-the-week cases.

*The Girlfriend character is sometimes a bit annoying, mostly because she isn't getting very much character development-- OTOH, the show is focusing on cop work and detective cases, and she is a vet, so there hasn't been a lot of space for her to get directly involved. However, I reserve the right to be extremely annoyed if she keeps being such a cipher/standard "I don't even know you anymore since you started getting so annoyingly dedicated to your job! *flounce*" characters. I have hopes, however, that whatever direction she goes in, it will be more interesting than that. Also? Everybody else? EXCEEDINGLY COOL.
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Stor(m)y Weather...

Had on an Epic Film of Epic Epicness this evening, while grading and trying to relax a bit. And when I saw "Epic," I mean in this case Bollywood, which can really pretty much out-epic anything it sets its mind to. In this particular film, the main plot revolves around the fact that the older (adopted) son of a super-rich upper-class Indian family falls madly, crazily in love with a girl from a much lower social background. The lead actor did a fantastic, fantastic job of playing a guy who is utterly twitterpated AND completely knows what he wants and is kind of cheerfully ruthlessly flirty about it. So, that's going to lurk in my head and generate plots, I'm quite sure.

And then... ok, so, obviously, the father flips the heck out over the fact that his son has fallen for a girl who is Not The Right Sort-- and this after a first act full of the father being all about Tradition and Family and Honor and Duty and Arranged Marriages and so on, and quelling his wife whenever she tried to broach the idea that possibly arranging a marriage for their eldest without saying "boo" to him about it first was not a good plan. Thing is? Every time that the father got cranky and started going off about Tradition and Family and So On, there were these ominous rumbles of dramatic thunder in the background.

Which meant, of course, that when he had an enormous and dramatic hissy-fit about the son bringing the girl into the family and started going off about "will she understand our family, will she understand our rites, our rituals, our customs," with thunder rumbling louder in the background, all I could think was, "Son, we're an ancient clan of weather demons! You KNOW that randomly marrying mortal women never goes well for us! Look at your great-uncle!"
greeting, worm

Heaven helps the man who fights his fear...

This song is absolutely positively perfect for.... some character, somewhere, who I can't quiiiite get a proper bead on. You know what I mean? The sort of song that would be a terrific AMV if you could just figure out who it would fit with?

Me: It's not quite Kenshin.

Dragondaughter: He hasn't so much solved his emotional problems as much as he's stopped bleating about them...

Me: Cloud Strife, maybe?

Dragondaughter: No! He has enough great AMVs!

Me: We just re-watched "Baccano,"... which is full of guys who would say "fights his what, now?"... except for Jacuzzi Splot. (yes, really--- and it sounds even weirder in Japanese)

Dragondaughter: Claire Stanfield read about fear in a book once, but he doesn't believe everything he reads. Luck Gandor wouldn't so much "fight" his fear as be smug at it until it got bored and went away. Or possibly he'd encase it in cement and drop it into the Hudson.

Me: Possibly Vincent from "Ergo Proxy"?

Dragondaughter: Ehhh... as much as it's anybody, maybe....

Very cheesy '80s music video aside (all the cool gangsters have nunchuks! Surprisingly clean alleyways! Cops who can't figure out the mysteries of a staircase!), still awesome.

Of course, that is not the best prison break-related music video, which continues to be this one right here.
kidding, Ryuuki

Buh... wait, what?

This is apparently the week of movie-related "Huh?"

Seriously; it's the one week where my folks and I get together, relax, watch movies of an evening. And so far, this year? Wackiness abounds.

First, of course, there was the "Rocks Kinda Lay There, Everyone Dies" movie. Then Mom picked "The Proposal," which was actually kind of cute-- "love and a bit with a dog"-style romcom. Amusing gender inversion of the "boss forces secretary into marriage" trope seen in practically every other Harlequin Presents novel of the 1980s, and there's nothing wrong with that (nothing wrong with the original formula, either, when done well-- and by "well" I mean when the heroine isn't TSTL and the hero doesn't completely have his head stuck up his... um... sense of entitlement and virgin/whore complex).

Then there was something else I will blog about later, because it deserves a post of its very, very own. And I re-watched "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider," because I wanted something stupid where stuff blows up real good... except that there was more stupid and fewer explosions than I had remembered, and it was thus disappointing on both levels(and made me want to watch "The Myth," which is pretty much unabashed Jackie Chan silliness and flashbacks to Ancient China).

And then the next two films. Dad picked the most recent "Star Trek"; Mom picked a romcom called "Then She Found Me." And... um.... well.....Collapse )
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Around here, at Holiday-time, we sometimes run into the Dance of the Packages. You know the one--where more than one person in a house has stuff on order.... and perhaps there are things in the packages that are relevant to the other person in the house. Right. So, the other day, the doorbell rings; d_ragondaughter and I are sitting downstairs, and we both race (in a dignified fashion!) for the door.

d_ragondaughter Oh, that must be...

Me: The thing that I ordered!

Us: Wait.. the thing that you ordered?

d_ragondaughter Hang on... this has both of our names on it....

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Thirty seconds in and NINJA!!!

So.... since I seem to be in some kind of "I WANT THINGS WITH PRETTY COSTUMES" phase, film-wise.... with possibly more of a tendency towards Asian-inflected, I was looking through the library to try to find films to watch over break. And, being also fond of Shakespeare, I thought, "Hey, here is the Brannagh "As You Like It," and the posters for that looked very pretty, and, well, heck, Shakespearean comedy set in 19th century Japan could be all kinds of interesting!"

I mean, I was having images of fantastic outfits, and, well, if the heroine is in disguise as a boy, that could totally work with a hakama and gi, right?

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"I am asbolutely unqualified for this type of assignment!"

So, I recently read a book, which I really liked (a lot, as in "beware, friends, you are about to get copies once I can track them down and don't have to worry about lending you mine). And I've been trying to figure out a way to mention something from that book which I thought was really cool, but without, you know, being spoilerish. I mean, I guess I could always solve the problem by making up details in an attempt to confuse people ("It's a steampunk fantasy! Set in the Wild West! With steam-powered cowboys and ....um.... ninja who fled the Warring States period and washed up on the coast of California and have reorganized the entire area along clan lines!"), but an lj-cut for the extremely spoiler-averse seemed more reasonable.

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"Maybe next time I should bring flowers?"

My imagined addition/reaction to a recent anime scene....

Demon One: Man, I can't believe that didn't work!

Demon Two: What didn't work?

Demon One: My courtship strategy! I can't believe she didn't go for it!

Demon Two: This would be the courtship strategy where you broke into her house in the middle of the night, surprised her in the courtyard, and said, "Honestly, we don't need your permission to kidnap you. Women are very valuable. Come with me now."?

Demon One: Yes!

Demon Two:... it's a complete mystery, sir.