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Because of course I have all the time and monies for things like this...

Hey, Circle-of-Doom folks-- a review of an interesting-looking novella, which has an interesting take on the "magical shifter insta-bond-you-are-totally-my-destined-mate" trope.


Hero: My animal side says you are my mate!
Heroine: That's nice.
Hero:... but... you... I...we...
Heroine: Don't really know each other yet? Yes, I completely agree.
Hero: But... mate-bond!
Heroine: That's according to _your_ animal side. _My_ animal side, however, does not really do that insta-bond thing.

I have to say, first, of course, that I am now imagining the cracktastic directions this could go in in, say, RK fanfic, and second, that I really like the idea of a heroine who does not just say, "Oh, well, if your animal side says we are mates, clearly we need to go get naked."

(oh, who am I kidding, my reaction is like 95% cracktastic directions that could go in....)
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