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Beware the Calm Ones!

Dear Amazon Japan:

When you offered the "would you like to read this in English" option, I was kind of hoping you would tell me WHAT THIS IS, rather than just helpfully informing me that I cannot get it yet...

(and many thanks to lonegamer78 for yet moar awesome RK stuff...)

ETA: Courtesy also of lonegamer78: Covers One through Ten of the aforementioned shiny thing, which is, in fact, a Japanese re-release of the Rurouni Kenshin manga, with very pretty covers that fit together as a sort of single long scroll through the series. For which they apparently have put a bright red cross-scar straight through the "Ken" kanji in Kenshin's name, because of course they have. PS--Aoshi, way to look smug that they picked the haircut which is NOT STUPID for your cover; Hiko, there is a fine line between "cocky" and "psychotic" and you are tap-dancing riiiiight along the edge, there; Saito... yeah, looking annoyed-yet-cool with gloves and cigarette is pretty much the most representative look.

Also, does anybody else think that is a surprisingly un-Kaoru-like Kaoru in some ways? Adorable, but... not quite the Tanuki kendo instructor with a temper.
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