Jane Drew (jane_drew_) wrote,
Jane Drew

"I can see your feelings!" " No you can't; you're blind and I don't have any!"

Dear Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi...

Whyyyyyyy are you so booooooring....? Seriously; Bones is an awesome studio! You are an anime with a demon-fighting office being established ten years before Cmdr. Perry shows up, right at the end of the Tokugawa period, when there is fascinating urban cultural stuff and seething political and social issues, and a main character who has the power to pull the "true name" of things out in the form of kanji which he can then manipulate into big damn axes assorted weapons and HOW CAN YOU BE MAKING THIS SOOOOOO DUUULLLLLL...

In addition, cheerfully claiming that the second mission of Japanese Christians to the West, the one that actually did in fact go through Mexico, resulted in a "lost colony" of Mexican-Japanese samurai living in Texas and carrying on the sacred traditions of bushido counts as using your historical powers for evil. Stop that.
Tags: *headdesk*, anime, misuse of history lose five points
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