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Sun, sun, sun....

I feel like I should want to go to the beach more, especially since there is apparently a really beautiful beach some people are walking to shortly. Except of course I keep thinking, "Yes, but it's so hot out, and there is all this other stuff that I have to do and also, blazing tropical sun..."


ETA: Fortunately, the other folks who ended up going also ended up... well, one went part of the way, one came up with this crazy plan of "hey, let's walk in the surf!" and the final person and I took a taxi for the last bit, had about a half-hour of good beach/swim time, and then took the bus back. That is the kind of beach outing I can handle! *g* Of course, it was only after several photos of the beach, the ocean, etc., that I realized I had left the camera's memory card back in the computer...
Tags: adventure, outdoors
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