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"But this is all I am good for, and, as such, I am damn well going to be bloody good at it"

There's something kind of awesome about a character who is... okay, backing up, he's in something which involves sticking characters from all different fandoms together, and they are all pretty well aware of the meta-whatever, and so on. And he's basically "the guy who tends to get not just stuck in harm's way, but harm's way kinda jumps out at him from dark alleys."*

Annnnnyway, there is something kind of awesome in that character throwing himself cheerfully into harms way and basically saying, "Yeah, I'm the guy who is always going to get stabbed/bitten/stabbed again/thrown off a building/oh, more stabbings?" because that is my role, and you know what? I AM GOING TO OWN THAT AND THROW MYSELF INTO IT WITH CONVICTION!"

*Seriously; there is a reason that a subset of the fandom for that particular work is the "OHNO, JAMES!" club.
Tags: fanfic, fic, roommates (no, the other roommates)

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