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UFYH: Saturday Edition

This weekend is full of crazy and work (aka, "One of these years, I'm just not going to make them write mid-term exams, because it's just pain and heartbreak all round, by which I mostly mean a vast annoyance for me"), but, there was also some progress on the UFYH front, which of course must be documented!

Right, onwards:

1) Returned incorrectly-sized replacement toilet seat; realized store did not carry the correct size/brand.
1a) Succumbed to the temptation of a magazine full of shiny pictures and organizational products and exercise stuff (yeah... "Magazines Will Fix My Life!" is occasionally A Thing)
2) Went to home improvement store; purchased correct size (yay!)

First 20/10:
1) Cleared the coffee cups we never use out of the cupboard, boxed them up, put them into the utility room (they are part of a larger set, which was a present to me a VERY long time ago... like, engagement present long ago... from a family friend, and I finally pulled them out to use last year-- the dinner plates are gigantic, the pattern is pretty but, as guardantares says, extremely old lady in the 1990s floral china, so the set won't be making any future moves; ergo, the coffee cups are in storage rather than going straight to good will, because some of the set is still in use, and I am not buying a whole new set of dishes right now)
2) Cleaned off the rest of that shelf, wiped down the shelf, put down the shelf-protector sheet, put back the cups
3) Replaced broken toilet seat, woot! (the toilet seat broke... gosh... a while ago, but there was a spare around the apartment from, I think, an upgrade made to my bathroom, which was not exactly the right size, and which also broke a bit during installation, and which has thus been one of those unfortunate things that makes it obvious that we are horribly disorganized and can't manage simple home repairs) Wiktories!

(okay, the toilet seat replacement project actually crossed from one 20/10 to another, with a brief break for reading in the middle)

1) Finished replacing toilet seat, which was surprisingly simple, yay.
2) Organized first aid kit for downstairs bathroom (which has the added benefit of cleaning out some of one of the kitchen cabinets).

Somewhere in there was also some time spent with cats, of course.

Concluded with a couple of rounds of Fruit Ninja, which is utterly goofy, colorful fun and has the benefit of stress relief (through fruit-directed violence!) and also being good arm exercise.

Oh, and later on yesterday I paid the utility bills (well, except the water bill, because the system is down for maintenance until Monday). Woot!
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