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Halp, I have eaten all the food….

Based on a recommendation from an internet… um… acquaintance? Person whose stuff I read even though I don’t actually know them?...... anyway, I am in Chicago (which is not the recommendation part; it’s another thing), and I was trying to figure out where to go to eat, because Chicago is a city which has some really great food. So. I asked for recommendations, and got a short list of places—one of which happens to be right around the corner from the hotel.

It is the Weber Grill, which is basically what would happen if you gave Sano and Katsu a restaurant budget, and possibly a crate of beer to get through while they were working out the concept. Seriously—you walk in and there is this fantastic charcoal grill odor, with overtones of ALL THE MEAT, because there are these three giant charcoal grills, which were so big that they had to have basically exhaust areas underneath for the used-up charcoal, in order to allow space for putting in more charcoal up at the top without undue loss of heat and grilling time.

I sat up at the chef’s counter, where you could basically sit and watch them grilling (did I mention it was ALL THE MEAT on those grills? And also pretzel rolls, because that is what they use for hamburger buns. And also for the complimentary bread. *squee*

It was, frankly, a little bit warm, but still really interesting. I had enough counter space to spend time before the food arrived (grilled barbecued meatloaf! And some ribs. And also some garlic mashed potatoes) reading a PDF of a 15th-century German incunabula (as one does…what?).

And, yes, I did in fact have dessert. *g*
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