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"Your second mistake was that you forgot who you have to kneel to"

Ok, guys? Seriously, if you are not watching "Grimm," you need to get yourselves over to Hulu or your source of choice and check it out. It is almost entirely fantastic*, with moments of sheer bloody awesome (sometimes the "bloody" is more literal than other times), including a scene last night that resulted in massive squee-noises, hyperventilating, and repeated viewings just because it was THAT COOL.

The premise is that Our Hero (a detective in the lovely and lushily-filmed city of Portland, wow) finds out that he is actually a "Grimm"-- that is, a person who has the ability to see various (often hostile) supernatural creatures in their true form-- which means that he has a responsibility to stop them if necessary (why, yes, some of the folks working on this show DID work on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"; why do you ask?). It does really fun things with "traditional" fairy-tale ideas and folklore, but isn't slavishly dependent on it. The world-building, so far, is doing nicely complicated things (or at least setting them up), with longer-running story arcs mixed with monster-of-the-week cases.

*The Girlfriend character is sometimes a bit annoying, mostly because she isn't getting very much character development-- OTOH, the show is focusing on cop work and detective cases, and she is a vet, so there hasn't been a lot of space for her to get directly involved. However, I reserve the right to be extremely annoyed if she keeps being such a cipher/standard "I don't even know you anymore since you started getting so annoyingly dedicated to your job! *flounce*" characters. I have hopes, however, that whatever direction she goes in, it will be more interesting than that. Also? Everybody else? EXCEEDINGLY COOL.
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