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I... cannot even reproduce those accents here...

So, various other DVDs watched by El Presidente Intrepid Roommate and myself over the past.... um... however long an amount of time? I dunno?... anyway. Various DVDs, they have contained the trailer for Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole, which is basically a giant computer-animated fantasy movie with Australian* samurai-Celtic-LoTR-looking-whatever-warrior owls** It is based off a series of best-selling (I think? I mean, there are many and many of them) children's books, and looked extremely cool. Intrepid Roommate has been looking for it for a while, based on the impressive trailer and the general prettiness, and she finally found it today at Target, when she was in to buy more fun socks.

And so we watched it.

It was... very pretty, with a somewhat odd tendency to have bullet-time slo-mo-action sequence bits and Dramatic Wing-Flapping Action. As Intrepid Roommate pointed out, it was also REALLY OBVIOUS that this was a movie that had been put together from several books in a series. You know that phenomenon where a movie does something or shows something and you're just kind of, "Wait, what? When did that happen?" Yeah. That. Like.... the hero's brother gets Corrupted By the Evulz, and it seems like there was not nearly enough time for that sort of thing (although, dang, the evil owl queen was impressively evil). Not to mention the climactic battle where a large part of what's going on hinges upon a very large forest fire that just kind of... appears, out of nowhere. Seriously. There is suddenly a giant section of the scenery which is engulfed in plot-relevant flames, FOR NO REASON. And nobody seems to find it odd that there is this massive forest fire.

And then at the end, there is a dramatic reunion of the plucky main character owl with his parents, who are thrilled to see him, and happy to be reunited, and everything is all smiles and happiness and heroism.... and there is NO mention, not a hint of an expression, about the fact that, you know, their eldest son went over to the side of Evulz and has most likely ended up dying a horrible firey death in the inexplicable forest fire. And I was kind of watching that and thinking, "You know, possibly, Evil Owl Boy had a point when he said that the bad guys were the only ones who ever actually cared about him and respected him...."

*Are there that many types of owls in Australia? And, if so, are any of them poisonous?
**And also ninja bats.
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