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"You scare me."

I have.... about five different actual things that I have to post about, and a whimper-inducing stack of exams to grade (waaaaah), but this has been in my head for about a week, and so I just wanted to toss it out there and hope it goes away.

I am rather ridiculously fond of the movie "Smilla's Sense of Snow"--- I love the cast, the mystery is nicely done (ok, there is a bit of the central premise that is a tad bit... um... well, silly, shall we say, but the story owns the silliness and does cool things with it, so), the heroine is this fantastically smart and damaged woman, the reasons she gets involved in the story make sense for the character, the scenery is beautiful... so, yes, just generally, movie that I really like (and I like it better than the book, largely because of the acting and the visuals).

There is one scene which has been in my head all week, as I said, because it's one of my favorite scenes in the movie. The heroine is determined to track down the bad guys (which in this case means finding a way on to their ship before it leaves on a mysterious expedition). Said bad guys, at this point, have already shown that they are willing to kill to preserve their secrets. The heroine has gotten some assistance from her attractive neighbor, who is a mechanic (totally a mechanic! absolutely! the fact that his fingernails are completely clean and he never seems to go to his garage-- where he is a mechanic!-- has nothing to do with the fact that he is completely in fact a mechanic. And those are totally wrench calluses. Uh-huh).

The neighbor has a friend, who's one of those casino/bar-owner types, knows everybody, involved in all sorts of business of a more or less legal nature. The guy with connections. And he and the heroine have this conversation, which goes more or less like this:

Heroine: I need help to do this incredibly dangerous thing where I'm going to be sneaking onto the ship of people who have made it clear that they are happy to kill to protect their secret.
Friend: Yeah.... I am completely going to help you with that in any way I can. You know why? You scare me. Other women are all talk-- you, I believe. I'm going to help you because if I don't help you, you're going to do it anyway, and get yourself killed, and the guy you insist is not your boyfriend will be VERY UPSET.

And then he does, in fact, proceed to use his connections and influence to get her onto the ship, with an actual "job" that's her reason to be there, and connections she can use. And he smuggles here there in the back (or trunk?) of his car. Hee.

(I am butchering some of the quote; I shall have to watch the movie and get the actual version... just wanted to share the idea of it, because I think it's very cool and the coffee has not kicked in yet, so I'm a bit spacey and easily distracted by shiny objects)
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