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Even Rock Hudson lost his heart to Doris Day

Having had my (very busy!) brain hijacked by a series of novels over the past two days (HIJACKED, I tell you! I was supposed to be reading about Mongols and Jesuits*), I note with amusement the following scenario, which I have run into variations upon in several books and at least one movie...

Evil Villain Hero: Hah! My nefarious plan is perfect! I shall abandon the heroine in my isolated, dilapidated mansion/apartment/swinging bachelor townhouse while I go off to the big city for a week, leaving her with control over the household budget, and nothing to do but mope and pine and weep and... WHY IS MY BEDROOM SUDDENLY PINK?!?!

Heroine: *bats eyelashes* But, daaaaarling, you told me that I would have to find ways of amusing myself, and your rooms were soooooo staid and dark and boring and..

Hero: *whimper* Are those lace curtains?

*Not, I note, in the same book.**

**Because it would be either the Franciscans and the Mongols, or the Manchu and the Jesuits, if one is going to go about pairing off Catholic religious orders and Eurasian nomadic steppe-based tribes...
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