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Drip.... drip.... drip....

Gaah. So, the first part of the week was mostly rain. Which was not unexpected; we were scheduled for rain, but... this was quite a lot of rain.

And tonight, after a completely sunny day, I was sitting in the living room when I heard a "plonk... plonk..." sound, from what seemed to be the stairwell. Which was odd. And did not seem to sound like a cat-related noise (which is more of a "whee, I am poking the carpet!" noise) And then it kept going. Ptolmey (the stripey cat) went up the stairs, curious, to see what was making the funny noise, and then gave me an "ACK OHNOES!!" look, because something had dripped on his head!!.

Yes, indeed. We have a ceiling... well, a leak, I guess... there's a damp outline, and then a damp patch, in the middle of which there's what is clearly a hand-sized paint blister full of water, which is dripping. Over the stairs. Which means that there is a roof problem (not a plumbing problem), and also that I don't want to know what the attic looks like (I rather don't want to know anyway).

Called the landlady; she is going to get someone over here first thing tomorrow (and we have a bucket and towels on the stair). Hopefully, the problem will not worsen. Hopefully, the fact that it's a roof issue means that it isn't on the renters to pay to fix it.

Dragonsdaughter notes that this is the third apartment where there have been water and/or plumbing problems, and that we clearly need to have a little less shui in with the feng. Or possibly figure out how to attract dry rather than wet. *sigh*

ETA: Apparently, it was just that the AC had gotten clogged, and the pan had overflowed. So, fortunately, not roof... well, mostly; the splotch in Dragonsdaughter's room is still a roof issue, and the HOA has been informed. Fixing the other problem (which looks remarkably better; the amazing paint blister just dried right back up, with only a small wrinkle and a little discoloration) involved the landlady and her husband getting up into the attic with a pipe-snake-type thing and a shopvac. We helped out by providing ladder support and bucket-carrying. Had a much easier job than they did; it was HOT up in there.

So, hopefully that is now fixed. They aren't going to paint the ceiling, because it's not very visible, minor staining, reeeeaaaallly high up and hard to get to.... and also, Dragonsdaughter and I seriously do not care. They can paint it when we move out, and that is fine with us. Low-maintenance tenants, yup indeed.
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