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Hack. Cough. Ack. Bleah.


And thus we have the second holiday in a row where I proceed to get sick immediately before or after. Darn colds.

In addition to that, the Incoming Weather meant that Christmas morning began with Mom saying, "Right! Everybody! We are going to be LEAVING TODAY!!! There will be presents and Christmas dinner and then we are ON THE ROAD!!"

She and Dad had been watching the Weather Channel since Thursday or Friday, concerned about the upcoming Snowpocalypse. They were particularly concerned because they were going to be heading into an area which was supposed to get a lot of snow, and I was heading into an area which might get some snow that stuck, but which would definitely get flurries and rain and so on... and which was twice as far away.

It was actually the right decision-- Dad's sent pictures of the snow they got. Not fun to drive through. And, well, I did have an afternoon of staring out at flurries (no sticking). Not to mention the fact that I am currently Semi-Ded of Cold, and it was nice to just sleep in and stagger downstairs to get myself some chicken soup. Plus-- most importantly, thank you very much-- it meant that the cats had a person back around to cater to their every whim look after them and make sure that they hadn't destroyed the apartment .
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